Nerd By Northwest #228 – “Bad With Names”

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Cam throws an election loss party...

Nerd By Northwest #228 – “Bad With Names”
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I know there's roughly 40% of the USA that is now jumping for joy with the expectation of a Biden presidency, and another 40% that is totally pissed. I will acknowledge those feelings are real and in many cases justified... on one hand I found Trump to be a bad president, yet on the other the evidence of voter fraud in some areas is impossible to ignore.

But I would ask both sides, has putting so much of your energy and focus on this election actually changed anything in your life? Or has all that worry, anger, and anxiety merely taken away energy that could have been used in your personal life to start a side business, learn a new skill, or even just enjoy yourself in exploring a new hobby? If you think your vote will make a difference then by all means do what you believe is right and cast your vote. But spending hours following the details & developments of this demented reality show populated by sociopaths (ugly sociopaths no less) seems a terrible waste. Why not waste your time here on Hive instead and give your favorite creators an upvote or two, eh? Eh? 😁

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I'm in 'jumping for joy' camp :) I heard the Libertarian candidate may have robbed Trump of a chance in some places, but that is politics.

What actual evidence have you seen of fraud? The only case I see of someone being arrested is a Republican. The Republicans have plenty of pedigree of suppressing votes. Are we to believe the Democrats are the more likely party to have tried fraud and would it have made that much difference? Maybe the president pissing off women, minorities and young people swung it against him as more of them turned out. That said, he still got the second largest number of votes ever. He's just not used to losing or being able to fix things with lawyers, but he may have to suck it up this time.

I'm surprised you haven't gone with a post-election party at the Hilltown Hotel or the Ritz Cracker factory :)

The election is being watched by the world as it matters to us who is in charge in the US. A different regime won't be life-changing for most, but having someone not totally driven by ego in command may help matters.

Actually, I expect BOTH parties have engaged in fraud & dirty tricks. A LOT. The means, motive, and opportunity are there for both, the potential payoff is huge, and the chances of higher-level officials getting implicated and punished is low. That combination of factors & incentives almost GUARANTEES voter fraud, suppression, or any other dirty trick. I was just giving a single example, and from a time-management and effective writing perspective there's simply no way to cover all the faults of one or both parties in a blog post.

As to the Republicans' allegations, you have credible whistleblowers in both Nevada and Pennsylvania, and additionally you have the recent and (seemingly) unconstitutional ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowing ballots to be counted after the deadline outlined in their state constitution. The latter is not voter fraud per se, but rather a party tampering with the system to skew things in their favor (just like voter suppression some Republican areas are accused of). Now will the evidence of the whistleblowers be born out? We just have to wait until their investigations are concluded.

But all that said... even if the allegations are true I doubt it would change the national outcome at this point. I think you'd have to have 3 (or more?) states flipped, and from a probability standpoint it seems very unlikely the vote was close enough AND provable fraud large enough in those states to flip them all.

I get there's an argument for following up on voter fraud to encourage accountability, but I doubt that's the real intent behind the lawsuits & challenges. I suspect the bulk of it is about Trump 1) being butthurt, and/or 2) being the showman to fire up his base. There was a good case made that Trump's post-presidency plans are to create a large news empire to compete with CNN, Fox News, and other news networks. If you think about it, the showman antics would serve to give him a large audience from the get-go, and launching it while his competition is still reeling from recent credibility issues has a certain opportunistic cunning to it. I know a lot of us just want him and his antics to just go away forever, but we should prepare for the possibility that we might not be that lucky... 😕

There's lots of allegations flying around, but not much actual proof. I've seen lots of claims de-bunked. There's no history of major fraud in US elections despite what Trump (who used mail-in ballots) has said.

Trump is used to getting his way through lying and lawyers. Those may not work this time. He may well try to keep himself in the spotlight if only to earn enough to cover his debts.

In Cam's defense, I've been calling her Tina all afternoon. embarrassed