Nerd By Northwest #227 – “The Republic is Doomed”

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Cam tries to enlighten the masses...

Nerd By Northwest #227 – “The Republic is Doomed”
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One of the things that most successful people appear to have in common is they don't typically spend a lot of time in either a victim or blame mindset. When there are people or entities or governments blocking their progress or trying to hold them back, they don't waste all their time & energy complaining how unfair it all is. Sure they may bitch & rant up a storm, but they don't let it stop them from doing their best to power through it. It's that "how can I find a way?" instead of "I can't because..." mindset I try to maintain, and one that Cam is obviously trying to inspire.

But let's face it, the real Rick wouldn't have bothered answering such a question... he probably would've used his portal gun to zap anyone asking such a question into a vat of leeches. Then again, he probably wouldn't lower himself to running for president in the first place, much less do an election town hall. I hate people only half as much as he does, and I'd sooner attempt to poop out a flaming sea urchin than run for office in the present-day USA... 🙄

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