Nerd By Northwest #226 – “Halloween Meets Election 2020”

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For his next campaign gimmick, Cam doubles down on "crazy"...

Nerd By Northwest #226 – “Halloween Meets Election 2020”
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In past Halloween strips, there was no shortage of recent shows, movies, and current pop culture references to draw from for the characters' costumes. But this year Covid-19 came along and ground most TV & movie production to a halt. So I went with an oldie (comparatively speaking) but goodie.

The funny thing is that while Rick & Morty is one of my favorite shows, I actually didn't first see it until only a year ago. I know, right??? It's like for the past few years I'd been living in a cave!

Well turns out the version of Cartoon Network broadcast here in Mongolia doesn't air most Adult Swim programming. But then came Netflix to the rescue! I still wouldn't touch their insanely-priced company stock with a ten foot pole, but as a customer I'm happy as a clam! 😊

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I've seen a fair bit of R&M as my kids like it. I may try and watch it properly myself some time. It is very clever.

I'd recommend watching the first 3 episodes in a row. I was hooked halfway through the first episode myself, but my mind is kinda bent. So it may take longer for more well-adjusted people to get a taste for it. 😁