Nerd By Northwest #225 – “Integrity Can’t Buy a Playstation 5”

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So what is YOUR price?...

Nerd By Northwest #225 – “Integrity Can’t Buy a Playstation 5”
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This strip was a trickier one than usual to draw, as the final panel is purely dependent on the visuals for the punch-line. I think I pulled it off well enough it's obvious what Cam's trying to do, but I guess I'll leave it to you all to be the judge of that.

As for the inspiration for the strip, that comes from my son. He's been looking at the release date and games for the PS5 (Playstation 5 for you non-gamers) constantly, and I think he's building a bit of an obsession for it. But thanks to Covid-19, we'll be stuck in Mongolia and won't be visiting the USA again (and thus no opportunity to get the PS5) probably until Christmas of NEXT year. So I'm pretty sure in the next couple months I'll be hearing something like "I can't get a PS5 because of Covid-19? This is SO not fair!!!" 🙄

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I've got a PS2 here your son can have. My son loves his PS4, but not sure he's desperate to upgrade. Will the games be that much better? It seems to take a while for the programmers to really exploit the new features.


My son already has the PS4. I told him there's no point getting the PS5 for at least another year until more games come out for it, but you know how kids are...

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