Nerd By Northwest #223 – “Smear Campaign”

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The "Powers That Be" begin their attack on the Homebrew Party...

Nerd By Northwest #223 – “Smear Campaign”
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Yeah yeah I know... I'm beating up on the US mainstream news media yet again. But hey, it's something I never tire of, and likely never won't until they start doing their job. You know... being objective reporters and acting as the check against government deception & corruption, instead of cronying up to it and stoking fear & partisan hatred. They've lost their way, and I'm gonna give them no end of grief & misery until find it again.

Or until I get bored.

Could go either way... 😁

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I don't get to see US media, but I've heard Trump throwing some crazy allegations about what Biden would do. It's not like either party is that radical. I was talking to someone on Hive who has very different politics to me, but I think we actually have a lot in common. The process of being against the opposition whatever they do is not productive and probably puts people off politics.

But please leave the kittens alone!


The issue you're touching on I believe is best described as "principles vs. preference". A person who has a political affiliation AND has firm principles will call out their own side when those principles are broken, whereas someone who operates on "preference" will tend to rationalize or ignore any such violation of principles if it's done by their own team. There seem to be vanishingly few of the former, and a growing majority of the latter in both big US parties. Bush or Trump drone strikes in non-combat situations are bad, but Obama's were no big deal. Obama's overspending was bad, but Bush or Trump's overspending is 'necessary' or 'stimulating the economy'.

For some time now I've embraced the unfortunate reality that most people are NOT rational most of the time, and that those such as myself who at least ATTEMPT to be rational more often will never fit in. The best solutions I've come up with to cope with this so far are to either 1) start my own space colony and get some distance from the majority, or 2) using this understanding to manipulate the masses to help build my empire. So I'll either be the first cartoonist in space, or the first to be a (benevolent?...) overlord. 😈

As I said, they have a lot in common and preference will tend to rely on where they actually differ. I make no secret of my distaste for Trump. He's just the wrong person to have that power, but most of his party will tolerate him to retain that power. He's been gaslighting the country from the start and some will buy that. Some will say he has comedy value. That's fine for class president, but not for the person with the nuclear button.

A benevolent dictator may be the best system, but it's a lot of responsibility that few could handle. I think a few people would like to make a fresh start on another planet, but there's a few challenges to achieving that.

You won't get any disagreement from me there! But what I like to emphasize isn't so much that Trump sucks (though he certainly does), but rather I like to illustrate the kind of lazy, partisan thinking and decision-making that leads to such clowns getting elected and making people hate each other over relative trivialities. Like you say, most of us actually have a lot more in common than we think, and things won't get better until more realize this and change their mindset.

I enjoy the way you parody it. We have a problem that people do not trust politicians and the latter have contributed to this situation. Politics matters and people should feel engaged with it. Seeing a millionaire give important jobs to his family did not help. Not saying the other side is perfect. We saw how Hillary alienated people.

I do believe that some politicians actually care about their constituents and also that many journalists care about exposing corruption. It was good to see the 60 Minutes presenter call Trump out on his gaslighting the public about 'fake news'. It suits him for people to distrust the press, except for those parts who support him of course.

In the end it's all about people, with all their imperfections. Such is the stuff of politics and comedy :)


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