Nerd By Northwest #222 – “Birds of a Feather”

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America... where screw-ups are our idols!

Nerd By Northwest #222 – “Birds of a Feather”
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Some of us had that friend (or friends) who were the night's entertainment when they've had their share of beer or shots (though the BEST ones would do wild stuff without alcohol required). In my late teens and early 20's there were a few friends that I thought fit that bill. But then I went to college at University of Arizona with an apartment overlooking one of the fraternity houses, and realized there was a whole new level of antics. Like seeing a group of drunken chuckle-heads sloshing around in the back of a crudely-rigged truck bed swimming pool cruising down University Boulevard. That was a level of drunken enthusiasm, peer pressure, and complete lack of forethought we just didn't have back home... 😏

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Compared to that, my college days in Berlin were boring. Though that was Berlin in the 90s, so life itself was invigorating ;)

I'm sure it would've been even more eventful if I went to college in the American South. Arizona is kinda like the "light version" of the American South. Especially Florida. In Florida, those kids in the truck bed swimming pool probably would have been fornicating while cruising down the road. Or vomiting. Or both... 😉

Yet some politicians can say stupid stuff whilst completely sober. Funny old world.

!BEER seems appropriate.

Donald Trump claims he never drinks. So yeah, I totally see what you're saying... 😄

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