Nerd By Northwest #221 – “Debate Dignity”

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Cam's off-the-wall debate performance nets him another TV news interview...

Nerd By Northwest #221 – “Debate Dignity”
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Cam claims innocence, but clogging up a toilet in a mainstream TV news studio is just the kind of petty & immature thing that's right up his alley. Yeah it's pretty minor on the scale of defiance against the status quo, but you got to start somewhere. And I'd bet clogging the toilets of corporate media, big bank, or political bigwigs would make a FAR bigger statement than those idiots breaking windows, looting businesses, and starting fires in places where said bigwigs never see or even set foot... 😒

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Being out of touch is a problem for the rich and powerful. 'Shit going down' (or not) in their palaces may bring it home.


The one downside to the strategy is that such people are likely to have employees on hand to fix the toilets and clean up the mess. Still, that expression of horror & disgust on the bigwigs' face when they walk into the bathroom to see poo water all over the floor would be priceless. Might look something like this...

Worse: Sabotaging the lifts so that all the bigwigs have to use the stairs... Would even be good for their health ;)

I like that plan even better than the toilets! With the toilets, the bigwigs aren't too likely to have to clean it up themselves (they'll tell an underling to do it). But killing the elevator.... there's really no practical way for them to make that someone else's problem 😄

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