Nerd By Northwest #220 – “Questionable Achievements”

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The 3rd-party drinking-game presidential debate comes to a close...

Nerd By Northwest #220 – “Questionable Achievements”
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Is Cam really THAT drunk? After all, this is a guy who brews his own beer, so you wouldn't expect him to be a lightweight. Not to mention the whole drinking-game debate was Cam's own idea.

So maybe another explanation is that it's all part of the act... Cam's unorthodox ploy of getting peoples' attention. And if the past thirty years (and especially the past four years) have taught us anything, it's that the national elections in the US are largely about getting attention, putting on a show, and keeping the masses & media distracted with trivialities. That's largely why I figured the odds favored Trump back in 2016, and why I think the odds still favor him to win this year (even if by a much slimmer margin). Whatever his other numerous shortcomings, he is an unparalleled BS artist & showman with a knack for crowd psychology, and that works well in the typical US election circus.

I still don't like him, so don't mistake this for an endorsement. I'm just saying that in a circus environment, don't be so quick to bet against the clown... 😏

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