Nerd By Northwest #219 – “Moderator’s Revenge”

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Cam's penalty drinks start catching up to him...

Nerd By Northwest #219 – “Moderator’s Revenge”
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While bathroom breaks would be very helpful in a drinking-game debate (for obvious reasons ), perhaps there's a case for not allowing them. After all, debating effectively with a full bladder can't be easy. They all say the job of president is tough & stressful... so if THIS obstacle trips you up, maybe you're just not cut out for the job! 😉

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Prez gotta make decisions under pressure and a full bladder is all about pressure.

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Though just like the 'secret earpiece check' demand made pre-debate, a no-break drinking game debate probably would have some candidate demanding checks for urine collection bags hidden underneath their trousers. 😏

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