Nerd By Northwest #218 – “Debate, or Clown-show?”

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Is it just a friendly text, or a cry for help?

Nerd By Northwest #218 – “Debate, or Clown-show?”
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As I said before, I didn't waste my time watching the debate. But I DID see a clip of the "highlights". And oh dear god... describing that with the terms "dumpster fire" or "clown-show" would be charitable. If I still had any faith in the political system and government institutions I'd probably be depressed. But since I don't, I find it darkly amusing instead. I feel sorry for those who watched it actually expecting to get something out of it other than amusement.

But one person I feel even more sorry for was the moderator, Chris Wallace (aka Jen's "debate mentor"). Sure, as far as I'm concerned he's merely a mainstream news media shill with zero credibility. But having to moderate between those two old douchebags and trying to pretend the whole thing is anything but a farce? I can't help but feel a little bit of sympathy for anyone in that position... 😏

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