Nerd By Northwest #217 – “A Debate Worth Watching”

After their debate rejection, the Homebrew Party resorts to "Plan B"...

Nerd By Northwest #217 – “A Debate Worth Watching”
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Should anyone ask me who I think won in that last presidential debate, I'm gonna say "me".... because I didn't waste a single minute watching those two losers bark at each other!

To paraphrase the movie "Wargames", sometimes the only winning move is not to play... 😁

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Well... what shall I say... Sometimes I'm happy to live in Germany where we tend to have the most boring chancellors. In times like these, boring is good.

But on the plus side, think of all the crazy stories that Americans will have to tell their kids and grandkids 20 years from now. "Grampa? Tell us again about that president! You know... the one that was like somebody combined the personalities of a sleazy real estate mogul with a really obnoxious TV pro wrestler..." 😏