Nerd By Northwest #216 – “Election, or Fashion Show?”

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The media focus on style over substance jumps the shark...

Nerd By Northwest #216 – “Election, or Fashion Show?”
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With recurring lockdowns crushing economies and destroying jobs & businesses, China increasingly beating the war drums over Taiwan, ongoing violence in the streets, and horridly disastrous wildfires wreaking havoc in the western US, it's important to know if a candidate has what it takes to be part of the presidential team that can take on these challenges head-on.

Well we still don't know those answers. But thanks to the hard-nosed journalism coming out the mainstream news outlets, at least we know one of the VP candidates has decent taste in casual shoes. And when you really get down to it, isn't that what REALLY matters? 😏

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The real question: would Crocs tank the campaign, or could Heinlein rock them all the way to the top?

I dunno... while we've established that Heinlein has "Dragon Energy", would it be enough to shrug off "Croc-Gate"?

One think I'm sure of is that the media will get to the bottom of that. You know, seeing as there's nothing else important going on right now... 😏

I think some candidates would rather talk about their shoes than real issues, or perhaps their hair?


In the past yes, but in 2020 even mundane things like shoes and hair are now politicized. If we extrapolate this trend forward, to avoid making political gaffes we should fully expect politicians will evolve to a point that when they speak, only a modest level of comforting white noise comes out of their mouth...

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