Nerd By Northwest #215 – “Is It a Bug or a ‘Feature’?”

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Another magic artifact, and yet another catch...

Nerd By Northwest #215 – “Is It a Bug or a ‘Feature’?”
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No one in our group ever ended up using any of the elemental artifacts seized from the smoldering corpses of the elemental cult bosses we defeated. Yeah we made use of the "Identify" spell and had a good idea of the downsides of the artifacts, but those didn't really bother us (not surprising given our usual rampage-and-loot approach). The underwhelming truth is we didn't use them simply because (like Nolan here) they weren't the types of weapons we either favored or were proficient with. If they had been shortswords or battleaxes or greatswords... things could've been different.

Well anyway... now we can see why Sir Marko ranked at the bottom of his 'Knightly Virtues & Charity 101' class. 😁

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