Nerd By Northwest #214 – “Like a Bad Penny”

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As usual, Magnus the Magnificent's mouth is his greatest enemy...

Nerd By Northwest #214 – “Like a Bad Penny”
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Magnus the Magnificent remains to this day my favorite "accidental" character. All the other characters in the D&D story arc already existed as at least a rough concept well before the first immersive D&D strip was drawn. But taking Ash's father Magnus and putting him into the D&D story arc as Bayle's wizarding teacher was a spur-of-the-moment idea, and I put him into the strip that same day. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are completely unplanned.

As for the choice of safe word, I just couldn't resist. 😁

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Love reading the strip!

Thanks! The D&D themed strips seem to have some extra popularity, so lately I've been making them more frequently.

Kinky D&D? Wouldn't surprise me if that is a thing.


Eh, each group is different. While the game itself is pretty vanilla and kid-friendly, the level of crude humor in a given group's campaign can vary widely. If you have a Dungeon Master and players with a crude or kinky sense of humor, it WILL inevitably show up in the game. People of varying personalities & interests tend to make the game their own, and that flexibility IMO is one of the great things about role-playing games.

I have only played a few times many years ago and I can see that the mix of people will be a big factor in how fun it is. Nothing wrong with a bit of humour. It is just a game after all.


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You haven't seen the group I play with. The DM and one of the players are in a relationship. Guess who gets singled out for sexual humiliation...

That could be awkward :)


It's more amusing than awkward.

... says the spectator 😉

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