Nerd By Northwest #212 – “When The **** Hits the Fan, Step AWAY From The Fan…”

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The battle between Naya and her ex-boyfriend is on...

Nerd By Northwest #212 – “When The **** Hits the Fan, Step Away From The Fan…”
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The sci-fi genre has the (Star Trek) Ferengi's "Rules of Acquisition" and (webcomic) Schlock Mercenary's "The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries"... so why can't the fantasy genre have something like that?

So I've decided to make the "Rules of Adventuring" into a formal thing here with my webcomic. Why did I start out with "#12"? Because that was the number I rolled on a D20. How many rules are there? No idea... as many as I can come up with!

But if you the reader want to be a part of this, submit your suggestion(s) for additional "Rules of Adventuring" in the comments! And as always, anyone whose suggestions get used in future strips will naturally get my "hat tip" mention next to said strip... 😁

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Rule #7 If useful skills you lack, get a funny hat.

I never said I was good at this.


Maybe change that to, "if useful skills they lack, stick them with the heaviest pack"?...

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