Nerd By Northwest #209 – “Tiger Mom”

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And here we discover where Cam gets his contempt for politics...

Nerd By Northwest #209 – “Tiger Mom”
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It may be a foreign mindset for many Americans and some Europeans, but in some parts of the world political positions are seen less as a position of civic leadership and more as a quick path to power & wealth. So maybe Cam's mother is holding on to old habits from her home country. Or, just maybe, she's seeing the state of US politics more clearly than most of us... 😏

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It seems the job of president has lost some credibility. I wonder why that could be...

Eh, the substance of the job of US president lost credibility with me long ago, starting with Clinton & Bush Jr.
IMO, Trump just lowered the style of the position to match the existing lack of substance.... kinda like throwing a rock through the window of a piece-of-crap car...😏

It's part show-biz, but some of those guys at least knew what they were doing. I think you need to watch Trump very carefully as he may do something reckless to protect his ego. I just can't stand the guy, as you may have guessed, but I realise others have a different perspective.

While I suspect most of his impulsiveness and hyperbole is "part of the act" (IMO he games the financial & bankruptcy system too well to be out-of-control a majority of the time), I do understand the concern and I do watch what he and every politician actually DOES (not so much what he SAYS). That said, I just don't spend much time thinking about him. Part of that is because attention is what he craves and feeds on, and the other is that I try to focus on my "circle of control" over my "circle of concern". The more mental energy we spend on ass-hats like Trump, the less we have left to improve our own lives. 🙂

There is something to be said for boring politicians who just get on with the job :) It's become another part of celebrity culture, but I do not hold to beliefs that everyone in politics is bad. Some will really care, but they have to get noticed to get anywhere. In the same way not all media is bad. It's all people and they vary a lot.

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