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"="! 2020 is not over yet baby. Ex|tre|me-ly much can st|ill hap|pen in a mi|nute, and more st|ill in an hour. Im|agi|ne in a day? Not every|one re-memb-ers what ha|p|pens in a day. Not ever so comp|lete|ly. May|haps we have al|re-ady died and for|got and are now stuck in li|m|bo. On|ly to re-member when we "sleep". But For|get aga|in when we "wa|ke up". Me|mor-ies and im|agi|nation can get scram|bled in the nog-gin if not care|ful.

Med|it|at-ion is al|ways re-com|men|ded by the sup|er|men e-xper-ts but, how many peo|ple act|u|ally do that? Re-a|list|ic|al|ly, how many pe|o|ple ha|ve you act|u|al|ly se|en do-ing med|it|at-ion th|ro|ugh|out y|our li|fe that is not on te|le|vis+ion, not on any vi|de|o, but in re|al li|fe up-c|lose to y|our face t|hat you can t|ouch it and ha|ve fe|lt it, th|at you ha|ve ma|de the anal|y|sis t|hat t|h|is be-ing is pro|bab|ly re|al.

Ask your|self, "Is si|mp|ly ob-serv-ing our br|eat|he as we "go ab|out our bus|i-ness" a|long the day, is too also "med|it|at-ion"?

I ha|ve be|en ha|v-ing a ha|rd ti|me br|eat|h-ing the|se la|st fe|w yea|rs but most|ly caus-ed by gr|eat he|art|ac|he. The cup ov|er my sh|ou|ld-er is ov|er|fi|l|l-ed with so|r|r|ow wi|th h|ow fa|l|l|en apa|rt t|his wo|r|ld ha|s got|ten.

We kn|ow t|hat in or|d-er to he|lp ot|h|er|s, th|is wo|r|ld, we ha|ve to con|side|r that We are t|his world in|di|vi|du|al|ly. A wo|r|ld for ea|ch one. A w|or|ld t|hat is in|fin|it|e|ly la|r|ge as it is sm|all. It is ou|r|s to ch|oose how we want to see our wo|r|ld tu|rn in|to. And we can ch|an|ge that dec|is-ion at any mo|m-ent.

Wo|r|ry is a tool. And not every|one has the ex|per|ie|nce of when to put it down. And it is as sim|ple as let|t-ing go of th|in-|-k-ing.

Yes t|hat is co|r|r|ect. It is yo|u ju|st he|re and every|where too. Who is not giv-ing? Every|one is al|ways rec|e|iv-ing. Eve|ry|one is re|ceiv-ing w|hat t|hey gi|ve to ano|t|her. Who is not giv-ing? Is the Law of att|ract-ion not be-ing co|m|pre|hen|ded? Who's fa|u|lt is t|hat?


What if the sun ex|p|loded eve|ry ti|me you "we|nt to sl|eep", and t|hat was the re|set, Eve|ry|th-ing else, people dy-ing blah blah was just one big ill|us-ion. You wake up the next morn-ing any|ways. Th-ings are sl|ight|ly di|f|fer|ent. We go ab|out our day as if no|th-ing ha|p|pen-ed. Ever|y|one pre|ten|d-ing we did not j|us|t die. Ever|y|th-ing, eve|ry mo|ve|me|n|t, eve|ry per|son, eve|ry li|fe, eve|ry ene|rgy, was just si|mp|ly mo|v|ed to a di|f|fe|rent "space" w|her|e we st-ill ex|i|st. 

Wh|en did we die aga|in? we per|ce|ive b|i|r|t|h but we do|n't re-mem|ber it our|sel|ves, why ca|n't we re-member our entire day, our entire night of "sl|eep", our "dr|eams". What is a "dr|eam" but just a con|tin|u|at-ion of the ex|per|ie|nce you are ha|v-ing st|ill at this MOM-ENT?

A Huge Sand|Storm is hit|t-ing w|here I live. Aldama, Chihuahua. 2:50pm: Just in|case I do|n't sur|vi|ve and the sa|n|d|st|or|m turns in|to much gr|eater deva|stat-ion. to th|ink just pr|io|r to re-ad-ing t|his post, eve|ry|th-ing was fine. What is another 2 days?
"="! 2021 YALL