Energy Refill Contest - Round 7

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The outgoing year has been quite an interesting one, so many people faced challenges and found a way to come out of said challenges, broken or in one piece. It's been a long year of reflection and learning already and in a way has put year 2021 in perspective for a lot of people.

Well, if it hasn't for you, you don't need to be worried, just look at how 2020 wasn't it for you and ways to make 2021 better. It's more than just making resolutions but actually putting in the work for your own good. Do away with lackadaisical attitude and invest in yourself, make 2021 worthwhile my friends.

Delete fear and self-sabotage and go for the things you want. 2020 didn't kill you anyway, what else can?



"="! 2020 is not over yet baby. Ex|tre|me-ly much can st|ill hap|pen in a mi|nute, and more st|ill in an hour. Im|agi|ne in a day? Not every|one re-memb-ers what ha|p|pens in a day. Not ever so comp|lete|ly. May|haps we have al|re-ady died and for|got and are now stuck in li|m|bo. On|ly to re-member when we "sleep". But For|get aga|in when we "wa|ke up". Me|mor-ies and im|agi|nation can get scram|bled in the nog-gin if not care|ful.

Med|it|at-ion is al|ways re-com|men|ded by the sup|er|men e-xper-ts but, how many peo|ple act|u|ally do that? Re-a|list|ic|al|ly, how many pe|o|ple ha|ve you act|u|al|ly se|en do-ing med|it|at-ion th|ro|ugh|out y|our li|fe that is not on te|le|vis+ion, not on any vi|de|o, but in re|al li|fe up-c|lose to y|our face t|hat you can t|ouch it and ha|ve fe|lt it, th|at you ha|ve ma|de the anal|y|sis t|hat t|h|is be-ing is pro|bab|ly re|al.

Ask your|self, "Is si|mp|ly ob-serv-ing our br|eat|he as we "go ab|out our bus|i-ness" a|long the day, is too also "med|it|at-ion"?

I ha|ve be|en ha|v-ing a ha|rd ti|me br|eat|h-ing the|se la|st fe|w yea|rs but most|ly caus-ed by gr|eat he|art|ac|he. The cup ov|er my sh|ou|ld-er is ov|er|fi|l|l-ed with so|r|r|ow wi|th h|ow fa|l|l|en apa|rt t|his wo|r|ld ha|s got|ten.

We kn|ow t|hat in or|d-er to he|lp ot|h|er|s, th|is wo|r|ld, we ha|ve to con|side|r that We are t|his world in|di|vi|du|al|ly. A wo|r|ld for ea|ch one. A w|or|ld t|hat is in|fin|it|e|ly la|r|ge as it is sm|all. It is ou|r|s to ch|oose how we want to see our wo|r|ld tu|rn in|to. And we can ch|an|ge that dec|is-ion at any mo|m-ent.

Wo|r|ry is a tool. And not every|one has the ex|per|ie|nce of when to put it down. And it is as sim|ple as let|t-ing go of th|in-|-k-ing.

Yes t|hat is co|r|r|ect. It is yo|u ju|st he|re and every|where too. Who is not giv-ing? Every|one is al|ways rec|e|iv-ing. Eve|ry|one is re|ceiv-ing w|hat t|hey gi|ve to ano|t|her. Who is not giv-ing? Is the Law of att|ract-ion not be-ing co|m|pre|hen|ded? Who's fa|u|lt is t|hat?


What if the sun ex|p|loded eve|ry ti|me you "we|nt to sl|eep", and t|hat was the re|set, Eve|ry|th-ing else, people dy-ing blah blah was just one big ill|us-ion. You wake up the next morn-ing any|ways. Th-ings are sl|ight|ly di|f|fer|ent. We go ab|out our day as if no|th-ing ha|p|pen-ed. Ever|y|one pre|ten|d-ing we did not j|us|t die. Ever|y|th-ing, eve|ry mo|ve|me|n|t, eve|ry per|son, eve|ry li|fe, eve|ry ene|rgy, was just si|mp|ly mo|v|ed to a di|f|fe|rent "space" w|her|e we st-ill ex|i|st. 

Wh|en did we die aga|in? we per|ce|ive b|i|r|t|h but we do|n't re-mem|ber it our|sel|ves, why ca|n't we re-member our entire day, our entire night of "sl|eep", our "dr|eams". What is a "dr|eam" but just a con|tin|u|at-ion of the ex|per|ie|nce you are ha|v-ing st|ill at this MOM-ENT?

A Huge Sand|Storm is hit|t-ing w|here I live. Aldama, Chihuahua. 2:50pm: Just in|case I do|n't sur|vi|ve and the sa|n|d|st|or|m turns in|to much gr|eater deva|stat-ion. to th|ink just pr|io|r to re-ad-ing t|his post, eve|ry|th-ing was fine. What is another 2 days?
"="! 2021 YALL

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Indeed my dear! if 2020 couldn't destroy me, then I don't think anything can without God's approval. We have made it through this year with just a few hours remaining for us Nigerians.
we should set our priorities right in the new year and hope for the better as God will sail us all through.
Cheers dear to a new year and a humble beginning.
A little wine wouldn't harm hahahha.

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Cheers! Have a jolly good year ahead

Happy new year... we've stepped on to 2021 and 2020 although should not be forgotten but will be kept as a reminder. We're strong and we've survived yet another challenge that we were put on and only looking ahead... this will be the great year 2021... all the best wishes for you and your loved ones

Thank you! Have a good one

2020 didn't kill you anyway, what else can?

I loved this hahahahaha can´t stop laughing hahahah you´re right!! WE CAN WITH EVERYTHING hahahahah I liked your post, full of energy.

*Nowadays we need a lot of this positive energy in Hive and in the world. Happy New Year, have a beautiful week and I send you a hug from the Dominican Republic!


Thanks for reading it

2021 will be better, I hope so!