Day 14 Blog Challenge : My Go-To Music

My current go-to music is the sultry tune of Chike, a Nigerian artiste. I've probably mentioned him here before but that's my current fave. I have his album 'Boo of the booless' on repeat most of the time. It's a bunch of love songs that I love including a Christian-like song, 'Watching Over Me' to wrap it up.

Watching Over Me slowly became my favorite on the album because I'm just really grateful to God for everything. I've made a conscious effort not to worry or complain about stuff because I believe God's got me and those I care about. When I get anxious I find myself singing this song in my head and I cannot believe the influence it's had on me.

Oh well! it's a day to the new year and again I say, thank you God for watching over me.


Interesting song. Seems to be a combination of many different styles, including reggae and rap.

Lol...not really. It's more RnB-ish. Which songs did you listen to?

The one you shared. It maybe RnB, but the vibe at around 2 minute 20 seconds has similarities with reggae, and a little before that kinda rap/hophop-ish singing 😉

Oh yeah, okay