Blogging Challenge Part 04 | Day 9 : Police Arrest | Arresto Policial

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Answering today's question, no, I've never been arrested by the police and I hope never to find myself in such situation. In Nigeria you could get arrested for no just cause and you'd rot in the cell for years without a trace. Some people even get declared dead, their families give up on search for them and assume they're dead.

Since the protests October last year some people are still missing and some getting found by lawyers in cells.

It's a terrible situation for the youths here being wrongly profiled and have their lives stolen from them. I never want to be in that situation.

Two times, I've almost being arrested for the grave crime of not wearing a nose mask in public. Luckily, I always pull one out of my bag just in time.


Respondiendo a la pregunta de hoy, no, nunca fui arrestado por la policía y espero no encontrarme nunca en tal situación. En Nigeria te pueden arrestar sin causa justa y te pudrirías en la celda durante años sin dejar rastro. Algunas personas incluso son declaradas muertas, sus familias renuncian a buscarlas y asumen que están muertas. Desde las protestas de octubre del año pasado, algunas personas siguen desaparecidas y algunos abogados los encuentran en celdas. Es una situación terrible para los jóvenes que están aquí mal perfilados y les roban la vida. No quiero estar nunca en esa situación. En dos ocasiones casi me arrestan por el grave delito de no llevar una máscara nasal en público. Afortunadamente, siempre saco uno de mi bolso justo a tiempo.


Hehehe... You are playing smart with Nigerian police. Loll... This facemask issue have already sent alot of people to unwarranted jail.

The sad part of their action is that 95% of them only do what they are supposed to do because of their ulterior motive. (They just want to use the opportunity to fill their pocket)

Not just 95%, the whole lot of them just want money, they don't care about the pandemic

Hello @wolfofnostreet That is horrible to know that you may be arrested for little or no reason, thrown in jail, and your family may not know or be unable to retrieve or help you.

Why do the government in Nigeria allow this to its citizens? Does this happen in other parts of the country?

So sad. I'm happy to hear you weren't arrested. If you know what the laws are, it's best to just abide by them until they can be changed. People don't have money for needless spending on something they have no control over.

Thanks for sharing.