Blogging Challenge Part 04 Day 5 : Yabba Dabba Dooo


Today's question is, 'TV Show that has marked you the most in your childhood (cartoon)'. I'm guessing that means my favorite or the one that left a lasting impression. Well, there are a lot of them and I can't pinpoint a particular one. I saw a lot of cartoons in my days that I really loved.

For this post, I'll say the classic, 'The Flintstones' had my heart and attention. It was really old even when I was little but it had a fresh take. The Fred Flintstone character was really amusing and quite annoying too. He was really self-centered and his emotional intelligence timing was always way off.

The lesson in the show for me was no matter how much you tried to cover your mistakes, it'd always find a way out.

Fred's wife was one to put up with his many excesses and I find that very exemplary. You must really be coolheaded to deal with someone like Fred Flintstone.

One thing about Fred, he'd make it up to you when he messes up and is caught.

The city of Bedrock was always so fascinating to me and I very much thought if you tried, you could make anything from stone, cars, refrigerators, pianos...and so on. That reality seemed cooler.

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Yaba daba doo! was also a childhood fav of mine!


It was always so funny yeah