Blogging Challenge: Heroes And Villains


A hero is some sort of saviour in every sense of the word. It's also a person you admire for their courage most especially, their abilities and influence. You could have heroes from all spheres of life, could be friends, family, mentors, celebrities, human rights advocates, anyone basically, it's up to you.

A villain on the other hand is quite opposite, they're often those held in disdain because they're problematic and toxic. They do not see the good in anything most times and are very selfish. It's either their way or nothing else. Just like the heroes, you can find villains everywhere.

I identify as a hero and I bet my close pals would attest to this. I love helping out when I can and I tend to be diplomatic all the time. If inconveniencing myself a bit would make someone smile when I help them, I'd gladly do it. Sometimes people don't know the workings behind doing stuff for them but it doesn't and shouldn't stop you from doing it anyway.

I'd choose a villain over a superhero any day because I find them much cooler, but that's just in the movies. In real life, no one wants a villain in their corner. I have heroes in my life, like my fiancé for example. I was really depressed during the time we first met and he gave me pep talks like I hadn't heard before. He jolted me out of a dark place and I found a hero in a stranger.

That wouldn't be the first time a stranger became my hero, I had a friend who I met in a similar way too and I saw them as a hero. Although we're no longer friends now, I acknowledge the role they played then. Sometimes heroes can turn into villains, that's life.

There are currently villains in my life and they come in form of family, people who are being toxic and gaslight you making it seem like you are the villain when infact, they are all shades of toxic. It takes wisdom to tackle these unfriendly friends.

I've had to reconsider if being the hero every time is worth it, because you could lose yourself trying to make everyone happy, sometimes, you just need to be the villain for your own sanity. You can't please everyone, you're not icecream.



All shades of toxic? 😂 I have to agree with you! Made me remember the Lion King cartoon when Zazu reported Scar to Mufasa. He said, "there's one in every family sire. There's two in mine actually."

Having some family members as villains is a real pain but that's life. I like that you say we should not stop doing stuff for others just because they don't appreciate it.

Everyone loves heros but not all can undertake the responsibilities that come with it. Great post!

What a coincidence ! I was thinking to write about my favorite TV series villain.

I'd choose a villain over a superhero any day because I find them much cooler.

I think the life of a villain is often much complex than the life of a hero. I over analyze villain in the movie cause it help me understand psychoanalytic theory. And yes, I find them much cooler and has interesting story. I can name a lot of reason why I like Tyler Wellick from Mr Robot than how I like Elliot.

Even when it comes to ice cream, I know some who can't appreciate the flavor that's
It's great that you're able to see the heroes in your life in the moments they were your heroes and then be able to recognize when they became 'villains.' Our perspectives change and so do theirs. It's always a brain exercise to determine who is the hero and who is the villain. This is very much the reason I love the play, "Wicked." Everyone has a story to tell and from each of our perspectives we're both victim and hero, but rarely the villain. If you were to ask the villain if they were hero, villain, or victim, I'm betting 9x out of 10, they would consider themselves victim or hero. What a conundrum...thus we need to all love and try to empathize, learning everyone's story!