Blogging Challenge : Emotional Intelligence


Having emotional intelligence is one very essential part of adulthood. It plays a major role in your daily life, how you deal with yourself and even how you deal with others. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and differentiate your own emotions and that of others, and adjust these emotions to adapt to your environment.

If you're like me who's a very emotional person, you'd often find yourself in a fix whenever you feel so many emotions at the same time and you can't control it. This often leads to anxiety. What you should do is identity all of the emotions you feel, and address each one of them.

You can't really separate emotional intelligence from empathy. It takes emotional intelligence to place yourself in the shoes of others and treat them like you would want others to treat you.

You need to do a self-evaluation often to improve your emotional intelligence. When you can do this, it's easier to recognise intuitively the emotions of others. This makes you a better social being, a better friend, boss, partner, parent, child e.t.c.

Observe people and examine how your actions affect them. The most honorable and honest people are usually very emotionally intelligent and easy to work with. My key to dealing with others especially unfamiliar people is to pause, think and react.

Are you emotionally intelligent?

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