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My dream job....
Omo this one go hard small oooo but nevertheless, leggo.


We all wish to have that one job that brings in the 6 figures either we are happy doing it or not. But what we fail to put into consideration is doing a job that brings you great joy actually springs forth amazing results. Recall in the last post, I talked about my favorite quote which is "whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well". So there you have it doing a job that isn't from your heart is just like you serving a punishment but end up being paid you will keep on complaining every time.

Well lets go back to the topic of discussion today.
If you have being following my blogs, then you would have discovered that am studying engineering. Right from my Junior Sec Sch I had this mindset that I wanted to be an Electrical Electronics Engineer. Ever since I could remember, I was always wanting to know how things came to being (electronics). Out of curiosity, I end up opening them causing them to spoil. My parents had no choice but to go along. I can recall my mum even went further to tell me of how I spoilt the air conditioning when I was so little (still finding that hard to believe though). Yes being an engineer is my passion, knowing things and how different components come together to make a complete working circuit is a feeling that can't be explained. But is that really my dream job? something that I want to spend the rest of my life doing? The honest answer is that I don't know.

During the lockdown early last year, I engaged in so many things that really gave me joy. For example; blogging, marketing, entertainment etc. All these are actually nice but the question is my dream job and not jobs. For now, I have all opinions laid out for me which is making me confuse. But what I really want is to be self employed. If Engineering works for me then great, if marketing works for me amazing, if being an influencer shows up with a great opportunity, then we move.

All I just want is to be happy with what am doing and be my own boss. If I achieve this, then that's my dream job....

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Thanks for reading, I invite you to participate in the #Bloggingchallenge. I still remain @trojan4. Till next time, keep buzzing......





Well done! Really love to see people who are multipotentialite.

It's also very interesting you have an option A, B, C.... In terms of career.

Shows how focused you are.
Best wishes on your endeavours.

Yes oooooooooooo. If it's possible, to get options till Z am up for that.

Thanks for reading through though. 😉😉😉