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I have been quite hesitant to writing this application but decided to do this since today is a special day. So, let's begin.

My name is Emmanuel Popoola, and I write from Lagos Nigeria. I am a student in a university in Nigeria but for now, I am working as an Elevator engineer with the diploma I got from the college I attended before moving to university.

I am been actively engaging in Hive since June this year after leaving steem not too long when I joined because I lacked understanding on how things worked. Since when I resumed in Hive, I have been able to manage getting to this point I am.

Without further ado, I would be stating the reasons why I am writing application.


The Blogging challenge Community was created exactly this day two months ago by @tripode @cwow2 and I

Since we have been managing the community without much support but with the little we can give ourselves.

The community purpose on Hive is to solve the problems many authors face in the term of "what do I write" and to increase other activity like engagement in the blockchain.

I won't be mistaken if I say the community has done a pretty good job on her purpose. It has made authors become more active and achieve the goal of daily blogging.

With the community only being two months old today, we have achieved this record below (as of time of writing):


SubscribersActive usersInteractionsPending rewards

This record is achieved without much support in the community. I leave you to Imagine what more we can do if there are support availabile for the community.

We have more initiatives that we have been planning for 2021 on and before the ending of November and we hope if support is available in this community we would be able to draft more plans.


We all know that there are only few active Nigerians and people on Hive from Africa as a whole. I plan to work on that but the question is, how can this be done as many may have said the same but yet nothing.

To answer that question, I have come to know that the reason why many of us (Nigerians) give up just before starting or not long after beginning the journey here on Hive is

  1. Lack of understanding on how things are done in here before joining.
  2. Little support not available to motivate them to keep blogging.

This is what I have come to understand in my experience of onboarding. When I came into Hive this June, I fell in love with this place that I decided to focus in bringing people into Hive then I formed a team of 3 people that would teach and on-board new users to Hive. So the team members were @k-banti @salimberry and I.

Before the release of Hiveonboard referral system we had brought in about 20 people and about 50 after the release using @hivepack as the referral to the new users. This was done in the space of 2 months. We teach and do whatsapp discussion on whatsapp to people before they create their account.

newbies initiative archivo05.jpg

Due to the stress and lack of how to support people we onboard, we couldn't keep up which made me move on to focusing on encouraging people to stay on Hive instead of onboarding. I do this by keeping tabs with them, sharing 3% my post rewards and supporting with my vote. This initiative is what I call NEWBIES INITIATIVE. You can click on the link to know what's about in full.

newbies initiative archivo09.jpg

Since I have got to know about in a few days ago and presently holding a lease of 10k HP. Plans towards onboarding has been streaming in my head since I can leave a large amount of HP then support my community and also new people I bring in.

My plans so far is to limit the number of people I bring in a month to 5-10 people in order to easily keep tabs on them, encourage them and sell them the vision I have on Hive.

At the moment, I have a lease request of 110,000 Hive Power splitted in 22 pieces i.e 5000 each with a plan to renew it every 4 weeks and with an apr of 13.5%

Yeah, you don't need to tell me. I may be at loss in what I am doing but my thoughts focus on what I can achieve in my goals towards making Nigerians active here again and supporting my community.

Pardon me, I had forgotten to introduce myself as a musician in the introduction part but asides being one I have celebrity friends/connections, who plays the guitar like I do that I can on-board asides that with little connections with many other guitarist across Africa.

What that has stopped me from inviting them is I have no means to support them and I don't want them to come in here then leave with dissatisfaction of this place but want them to come in here and then promote the platform to their followers.


A leader is one that comes to serve for the people and not only to lead the people. My motives and intentions are focused on serving authors in the community.

I believe a leader is one that possess qualities of providing creative ideas, and consistency. I have been trying my best on bringing ideas towards the progress of my community. I believe I have people like @whatamidoing @tripode and many others who can vouch on my consistency even with me having a full time job.


Since I became actively engaged in the Hive Blockchain, I have moved from using Facebook, and Instagram. My promotion on Hive is only through Twitter for now. You can find me on Twitter with the username @starstrings1


I also make promotion on WhatsApp. Yeah, you might think WhatsApp is quite limited but there have been WhatsApp Tvs (you can call them influencers) since the development of WhatsApp status. I have quite a lot of contacts on my whatsapp, about 3000 people which was how I have been able to onboard over 70 people in 2 months space.


The most reason why I want to be a community manager is to find support for publications my community and assist those who comes newly into the platform and not really necessarily by me.

Asides that I love the idea of being one, having to promote Hive is what I do almost everytime to people around me because 90% of my thoughts are on how to bring progress to the community.


I believe Hive has a lot of potential and I see it as a community that would grow to have a large Userbase ownerbase, maybe one as large as Facebook (not impossible).

I am a musician, and I know many groups of musicians who I believe will migrate to Hive soon. Who would share more musical contents in Hive community.

I see Hive already helping a lot of people especially in poorer countries and being a place to break boundaries in communication and building relationships in far areas of the world. This is something that makes me believe Hive will go far in promotion and bring in more investors.

One day, the value of the token will rise and almost everyone would want to store in Hive. This is a gradual process which would be achieved in future.


I pledge to be a positive representative of my community and Hive and follow to all HIVE Community Manager's Responsibilities and Guidelines outlined here by @hiveangelists.

This is my application to be A HIVE COMMUNITY MANAGER" In Conjunction with @theycallmedan’s #MyCountry Initiative

newbies initiative archivo05.jpg

newbies initiative archivo09.jpg

newbies initiative archivo05.jpg

Click the banner to get redirect to Blogging Challenge Community

Click the banner to get redirect to SMILE server, or:


All illustrations made by @tripode in Adobe Illustrator.

All images in this post are mine except otherwise stated







I can totally vouch for Emmanuel, he is one of the hardest working people on Hive and he really cares about this place and is doing his best to grow not only himself but also the whole community, real win-win mentality.

I would love it if we could get some people from other African countries onboard....I don't know how we could do this since we have so few right now, I don't know of any. Anyways, Nigeria has lots of great people to onboard so I'm happy to see the community grow.

Thanks a lot brother. I don't know why I didn't see this message earlier. Thanks to engage.

Yeah. Soonest I will begin on boarding more Nigerians into this place.

you shouldn't have hesitated to write this... I try my best to stay active and 30 Days Blogging Challenges have been really helpful for me to post every day... and also because of the Newbies Initiative I have met newbies like me and what you have done for us is remarkable... I do believe that you'll go far and also there's a long way ahead of you

It's good to have people that believe in you. I am so much grateful to have friends like you on Hive. Thanks so much.

100% Agreed with you! Since I met you I realized that you have A LOT of potential, and besides that you helped me very much, I was also a ¨newbie¨. You taught me a lot about how Hive works and gave me good advices, that i still use nowadays.

Besides that, it is a pleasure for me to be your partner in the project we have of SMILE, I love your passion for Hive, for the projects, your dedication and the commitment you put in everything you do.

Keep up the good work and I know you'll get farther. And when you became a whale, I hope you remember me.

Smile and good vibes always

You know yourself that it would be tough a lot to forget you because as much that I may have helped you, you have helped me more.

A whale, I hope for it. I believe a miracle can happen for that to occur.

Thanks so much for your words ❤️

I don´t think so!! We have helped each other hahahaha

What can I say, I am sure you will do well if given such an opportunity to become a community leader. And I believe you will onboard many potentials users like you said, cause it seems you already have some good connections with people especially in the music industry.
I wish you all the best in this well detailed applicatin

Thank you so much for your nice comments. Yeah, I do have connections to famous people in the music industry, even the past big brother winner Lekan and many others (not a direct connection).

I want to have a solid ground here before bringing in the big fishes so I can support them.

Wow! this is another step to greatness and I hope you succeed in it, I'm so happy to see how far you have come all this while.

Thanks so much, your comments is well appreciated.

you are welcome

Incredible, you are a great leader guiding everyone around here. I admire you, you are going to go very far ❤️

Awwn, Hopefully and gracefully, I would. I appreciate your comments 😊

I'm glad to see how much you have accomplished on the platform in such a short time. my best wishes for you and your projects :)

Thanks so much. Wishing you a great new year.

Smiles kept drawing on my face as I read through this steadily. There is no questioning for your love on hive and the community at large. And with such vision you have presented here, I find it hard to believe you won't make a decent leader amongst other leaders in hive in general. Congratulations bro .. This is just the beginning and the sky is not even your limit. Keep soaring and we, especially I, got your back.

Bro, I am touched by your words and it draws me hope in having a better future on Hive.

I believe together, we have many things we can achieve.

I support you in this that you propose in the same way as your publications helped me in my beginnings, you are definitely a great leader and a fundamental piece here in Hive, for me and for many, I hope with anxiety that you achieve it.

Surprised that my publications has helped you. I am touched by your words and your friendly support. I really do appreciate them all.

Keep spirit

Thanks man

I totally support your application brother of mine! You've been a really active user within the @hivesicians community as a great guitarist and also you've demonstrated to be a really beautiful human being, the project that you have for your people on Nigeria is really amazing, I have the same spirit and passion that you have for it! I always try to bring a lot of venezuelan people in here so they could improve their lives by using the blockchain technology, thank you so much for being a great leader even if you don't have the title (yet), that's what we need in this platform.

I really subscribe this phrase:

A leader is one that comes to serve for the people and not to lead the people. My motives and intentions are focused on serving authors in the community.

I truly believe in this fact, I live for it! Count with my support at a 100%!

Thanks a lot man. Yeah I may have not been so active on hivesicians due to the nature of my job. I get home by 10pm mostly after leaving home by 7am and I play the guitar only on Sundays in churches. No time for rehearsing or scoring songs.

Yeah I hope my goals towards the both communities be achieved. Thanks so much brother.

😊Nice one cousin, this is just the beginning. I know your capabilities so there's no doubt about that. Wishing you more successes and accomplishments ahead @starstrings01.

Muchos éxitos, espero que logres todos tus objetivos. Tu trabajo motiva a seguir trabajando en esta plataforma!

Sounds like you have a solid plan. I hope it all pans out!

I really do appreciate you coming by to leave me a comment. It's very much appreciated.

Yeah I do have a plan that's the big reason for the lease request on have on dlease. I definitely hope it all pans out.

Thanks again 😊

You're doing awesome, man. I can see the passion you have in writing all this. You have contributed greatly to the Hive community. I believe you have great potential to be an exceptional leader. I hope you succeed in your projects!

Thanks so much for your words man. I really do hope my projects becomes a success.

Muchas gracias por venir. Te dejé un tipo de voz y un mensaje de "blogging-team" en lo que deberías hacer.


Thanks a lot but would have appreciated some more words to you comment.

No problems I really think it's great what you are doing keep up the good work and good luck 👍🏾 just make sure you don't make no mistakes lol😂👍🏾

Yeah, I will do that by making well calculated plans.

Yes just be very careful if you have a Instagram or Twitter account we can talk more @kgakakillerg

I don't use Instagram for now but yeah I use Twitter but your private messaging isn't open to dm you. I just followed you so you can dm

Ok you should definitely start using Instagram 👍🏾 I just sent you a message on twitter 🤝

Yeah, I have sent you a reply.

Yeah.. Thanks for participating in the contests. I had voted it since yesterday.

I will try to leave a comment on every entry when I am less busy and picking the winners of the contest.

Here's a tip: to have a chance of winning, you need to engaged on as many contest entries as possible. The contest is to mostly reward engaging authors with healthy comments.

Wish you great luck ahead.

Well done bro, I hope your application is approved. In terms of reviving the Nigerian community, please hit me up as soon as possible, the community needs people like you with initiative

I hope it is approve also and also attain getting a lease of 100,000 HP plus. With that, It will be easy to support more with votes. Presently, I have 37k at the moment.

Definitely, I will hit you up soonest.

Omo, you be boss on, wow. ⚡🎉🔥🤝🏽

i pray oh.... I am just trying my best to see what I can do for the hive community. Someone has to stand up to do something to things he sees undone.. Thanks for your comments man

appreciate your effort boss.

Thank you so much for what you do

Thank God brother. He is the one who gives the grace, I'm just an instrument.

Well done bro.
I just joined hive yesterday and I believe that it's just a matter of time for me to grow in this place because I'm someone that works very hard whenever I see something that is very promising.

The idea of projecting an African/Nigerian community is a very nice one although I have never experienced such because l'm a newbie but I'm sure that it would be a nice plan.

Good luck Bro.
I followed the link that you dropped and I acquired a lot of knowledge while going through it

Hey man.. I'm very pleased to see another Nigerian here on Hive. You can also join the hive naija discord server here:

Okay... I will join it immediately.
Thanks for the feedback

I think you have done a good job since you started. It's only been a short while, but you have done well to place yourself in a position of wanting to be a leader on Hive. Good luck in your quest.

Sorry for late reply.. Thank you so much for your kind wishes.