Blogging Challenge Part 1 Day 1|| Explain Your Blog's Name || 08/05/2021

Hi all Hive members

This is my first post in the Blogging Challenge community.I am very happy to participate in the Blogging Challenge committee,because I am able to share every day experience of my life here. The subject of my first post is about my blog name. Today I will try to introduce you to my blog name in my first post.

Explain the name of my blog

My blog name @rakibul098.

My name is Md. Rakibul Islam. My father named me. My name is my favorite. When I opened this ID I gave my name and gave 098 math number at the end of the name.

The Islamic meaning of the name Rakibul is the guardian of Islam. The name Rakibul is very common in countries like Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh is a Muslim country, everyone has an Islamic name. I live in Bangladesh, I believe in Islam, I am willing to give my life to protect Islam. My parents decided he would name me Rakibul. I am very proud of my name.

Thank you all very much for reading my post. All the best.