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Hello Hivers it's a new day for me here and i will be talking on this blogging challenge topic which ask if have ever been in a traffic accident. Yes have been in a traffic accident before and I will like to share with you guys what the accident was about and what caused it. I was travelling to my home town very far from Lagos and i had to spend 6hours before getting to my destination so we started the journey.

Nigeria here there are lot of bad roads which need to be amended because now adays most accidents happening around us is mainly caused by bad road and even with this bad road some drivers still drive recklessly like moving at a speed higher than the normal rate of speed a vehicle should move at.

We were still enjoying the journey not until we noticed this vehicle from nowhere running at a high speed and i was so surprised how people can be so impatient. The vehicle ran past us and overtaking a lot of cars, not long after, we were stuck in a traffic which we didn't know the cause of it, we spent like an hour on a spot waiting for the movement to start not long we got to know that the vehicle which ran past us had an accident due to high speed which he bump into a pot hole and caused the car to tumble.

They all were wounded in the vehicle and were taking to the hospital for proper care and so i continued the journey which i got there late at night due to the traffic.


You are right about that ,we have lot of bad roads that needs to be amended, we now have many cases of car accident in Nigeria ,the government are to be blamed for this.

Not government alone but the way we drive also

Yeah you are also right about that

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