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Good day guys it's been a while I have been active on hive. I have really been facing a lot of recent. Just trying to get fit back. Today, I shall be talking about my lessons that I have learnt in my life entirely.

Talking about lessons learnt, everyday of our lifes we grow to learn lesson everyday then we tend to 8mprove from the last ways we might have fallen from. I have learnt a lot of lessons this life and this day but I am learning from it and getting stronger day by day. There is an adage which says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
When you got an encounter with anything and then you learn from it, you will do me in life cus you won't want to fall victim for such occurrence again.




Apparently, I have had series of lessons and experiences in life but from a few I would like to share with you guys a few from the lessons.
There was a day in my life I would never forget in my whole life. It all started this way. On that faithful day I was at home have some rest and planning to go out to have some fun with my friends before I was called by my mum to come run some errands for her but I was telling her I want to go to friends place which she knew I wou6want to go to cus it's has been 8n my mind already and I will want to go either I went on an errand for her or not but then she told me not to go but I insisted but I was going to run the errands for her.
On my way to where I was sent, I met my friends on the way where they were playing football I was happy I saw that but I wasn't even thinking of whether if I will forget what I was sent or not. But I thought within myself and went to where I was sent but on my way back I stopped by and was hoping to play with them but tho I didn't later play but what happened was so painful. I was watching them play football before I was so very unlucky and the ball the were playing broke all what I went to buy and the money given to me for missen..


Then I knew I was done for and in a serious problem because I can't acuse them of playing the football I was the one that went that way. So I begin to cry cus there was nothing to do no one to fund what has broken and the money missen. I felt really sober because I knew I can't face them and tell them what happened when I get home. Hmmmm, 5his very day was very unpleasant for me I cried out all the water I have in my eyes but I summoned to courage to go home but there was no lie In my head that I could say cus it was so clear. When I got home I was unsettled so they knew something has gone wrong then they asked what happened then I told them. Seriously, I couldn't talk or beg because they won't even listen.


I was dealt with so seriously and I wept so sad. I was purnish that I vowed not to do such again to avoid such occurrence. Since then, I maintain my order and to obey..




Thanks for sharing your experience brother😂
I learnt a lot !

Lol thanks man

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