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Hello! This is @starstrings01 here again and I welcome you to the daily activity report of the blogging challenge community. This report contain activities like the following:

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But first of all, thanks to our wonderful curators: @elizabeths14, @jizzyjoe @rafabvr @rollinshive and @espandor that we gladly call Power Rangers because their duty is to help all citizens of the community to have a better experience and they are doing a great job!


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@someone won the post of the day because she effectively made a well constructed blog over her challenge topic: Which animals do you think would be funniest. She gave quite interesting answers and why she thinks so.


@yolimarag It is incredible to think that animals speak and which one would be the funniest, but according to the Bible animals spoke can believe it, because the legend says that it was so, and all lived in harmony.
@cleydimar2000 Hello my friends, today I will tell you about the 3 people that I have followed closely in my life, the truth is that I admire many people, celebrities and family members who inspire me to move forward, follow their example to go far and succeed in life
@sofiaquino98 Hello! How are you? For weeks now I have been reading posts from my friends at Hive doing the Blogging Challenge. Personally, I think it's great because through this initiative we can get to know more about the people who make life on this platform, as well as make ourselves known.
@ariapost One of my biggest vices is eating, eating and eating. I love doing it and I consider it an especially recreational activity.
@leslieebano It has an international scope and an enviable distribution system. As an Industrial Engineer it is dreamy. All this with a view to emigrating and getting to know other countries from my job.



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Thank you very much for your support, keep up the good work, a virtual hug


Thank you very much for taking into account my publication, for voting for it, for commenting on it and placing it here.

I send a hug from Venezuela to you.
Thank you very much.

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