Jaipur trip part-3.

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Hello friends, hope that all of you will be healthy and efficient and will be living a life of peace and happiness in your life.

Friends, due to the quality of the phone's camera is not good, I have edited some photos which I liked, so I thought why not make them a bit better and edit a little.
Hope you like this photos too.

Initially, I have edited three to four photos which I was looking very good with the view there, so I cut it a little A little different view was made.
So friends, as I told in my last two posts that a 4 or 5 day official trip to Jaipur was coming out of our office and we were all having fun.
Friends, as I mentioned in my last two posts, the first one who walked around Albert Hall and the surrounding areas and the second day we left, Jal Mahal left again towards Hawa Mahal which I am I am going to tell in my post towards Nahargarh, which is also a topic of much discussion, what is this Nahargarh Fort after all.
Our guide who was telling us everything from there to the rain and we were aware of everything there, we were told about it here today by the cow, what is this Nahargarh fort and its formation Who did it and what is the quality of this fort, today I am going to tell you what was told to us by our local guide.

Nahargarh Fort was built by King Jai Singh, which he built in 1734 AD।।
Nahargarh, told to us by our guides, means tiger habitat.












One of the most important films of India, Mera Rang De Basanti Chola, this film was also done on the banks of Pawan 138, so here many people come to do their films in many films.


12 types of rooms were built by the king and it is surprising that from the room in which the king lived, he could see the room of all the queens.




A beautiful view of Jal Mahal from Nahargarh and which was quite a pleasure for the mind




Friends, I did not know about this hive before, so I took this photo with my Instagram ID and am sharing it here.





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wah bahut he sundar mitra maja aa gya ek din jayenge or ghumne fr se akle 😄🙏

Dhnywad bht bht 🥰🥰2025 tka hai frr 😛😛😛

The view of Jal Mahal from Nahargarh is amazing!:D

Thanks mam ..😍😍😍

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Naharghar fort is a beautiful place to visit.

Yes mam❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 this is amazing City