20 Surprising Waterfalls of 2020 - #19


Waterfalls are magical places for Scott and me. There is something about the sound of the rushing water leading to it crashing down below. In the spray, we find rainbows which always bring a smile to our faces. We decided in 2020 we would “collect” twenty water features that fit into the “waterfall” category. We took the year and found eleven waterfalls, one Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) dams, one Work Projects Administration (WPA) dam, six spillways, and one cascade. We did not have any criteria as to what to look for, we just tailored our travel plans to finding water features. It may not sound surprising or magical, but where we found the waterfalls blew us away.

We started to write about this project before and, honestly, got distracted by everything that was going on in our lives. You can read the first article (waterfalls 1-4) CLICK HERE.

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When Scott and I travel, we look for things like running water because it usually gives us waterfalls. On our trip to Colorado in July, we visited the Highway of Legends as it circled the Spanish Peaks. This is an official Colorado Scenic Drive that follows Highway 12 from west of Lathrop State Park to the east of Trinidad Lake State Park. We ventured into the San Isabel National Forest to find Bear Lake Campground (elevation 10.480), Blue Lake Day Use Area, and a waterfall of sorts.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a cascade as “a steep usually small fall of water”. This may be reaching, but we located water rushing down the mountain and it reminded us of Cossatot Falls in Arkansas, only on a much smaller scale. The photos do not do this location justice really because you cannot see the layers of cascading water.


Yes, this might be a stretch, but the potential is there. I have been told by a young man I work with that if we had taken the trail from the area we stopped for this photo we would have come to a rather impressive “waterfall” for the area. I guess we will need to go back in the spring this year and check that out.


Screenshot of Spearfish Falls' location from Google Maps.

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I really like what you guys are doing 🤗

Thank you. We really enjoy it. We have chosen to do waterfalls of Colorado, but I have to get the big blog of passes finished first. haha.

Great landscape! I do love waterfalls too!:)

We love waterfalls, but bodies of water even more. We are drawn to rivers for sure. Oh, that would make a great series... chasing after bodies... bodies of water.


Greece Epirus Konitsa Aoos river !!

So beautiful. That bridge is amazing!

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