20 Surprising Waterfalls of 2020 - #17


Waterfalls are magical places for Scott and me. There is something about the sound of the rushing water leading to it crashing down below. In the spray, we find rainbows which always bring a smile to our faces. We decided in 2020 we would “collect” twenty water features that fit into the “waterfall” category. We took the year and found eleven waterfalls, one Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) dams, one Work Projects Administration (WPA) dam, six spillways, and one cascade. We did not have any criteria as to what to look for, we just tailored our travel plans to finding water features. It may not sound surprising or magical, but where we found the waterfalls blew us away.

We started to write about this project before and, honestly, got distracted by everything that was going on in our lives. You can read the first article (waterfalls 1-4) CLICK HERE.

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On Memorial Day weekend we decided a longer trip than our normal day trips was needed so we packed up our little car and head to Wyoming. There were no thoughts of waterfalls this trip, it was all about the Devil’s Tower and Chimney Rock along the way. As we headed home through South Dakota’s Black Hills, we kept seeing a stream getting stronger and wider. It was at that very moment I told Scott I bet there was a waterfall nearby. I was on! The bet called for one of us to buy the other breakfast.

As we followed the stream, we could hear the sound of crashing water and suddenly we saw a stone-carved sign telling us there was indeed a waterfall nearby. The forestry department had a nice little area with parking, signs, and a boardwalk to take us to Roughlock Falls. It was so pretty with green spring plants growing on the Spearfish Creek’s limestone.


We tend to get excited when we come across waterfalls we have no clue are there. There is something about finding little gems like this that cause us to be giddy with excitement. Of course, the fact that Scott had to buy me breakfast didn’t hurt my excitement either..


Screenshot of Roughlock Falls' location from Google Maps.

[//]:# (!pinmapple 44.350181 lat -103.942873 long d3scr)

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That's a beautiful waterfall
I love how green the grass around it is

It was beautiful. The photos do not do it justice for sure. There was snow up on the mountain and this was in May of last year! The water was runoff from that snow. It was so freaking cold!

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@drakernoise thank you so much for reblogging my post. I really appreciate that.

I cannot be as present as usual due to my job and studies but I don't forget you... Hope I can engage more when I'll finish my exams 🤗

You do what you have to do. We appreciate you more than you know!

Muy bonita catarata. Me imagino el efecto de lluvia y lo increíblemente amplio que debe verse
en persona.
Mis felicitaciones!!

Fue realmente ancho. Ni siquiera estábamos buscando una cascada y ahí estaba. Fue una gran sorpresa.

It was really wide. We weren't even looking for a waterfall and there it was. It was a great surprise.

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