The Northern Blossom Flower Farm

I used to travel a lot with friends until I became hiatus for sometime. But I still keep up to date with the new tourist spots in my country from a page I followed.Then early last year, I asked my travel buddies to go on adventure with me up in the mountains. My comeback before Covid19 hit the country.

I've been doing research about this new tourist spot up in the north.
So we decided to pay a visit on a cold January.

It was a D-I-Y tour.
We met at a bus terminal bound to Baguio. We booked for the last trip so we could arrive in time for the first trip that will take us to our destination.

Arrived earlier than expected, we stayed for a while in the bus terminal before we went to a market where the transport terminal bound to Benguet is located. We got lucky that we got in the first trip to Benguet.

Atok, Benguet is a 1 hr and 48 minutes drive from Baguio. Enough time to catch some sleep before we arrive for the activity.


It was so cold that day, I had to cover my whole body like a cocoon for warmth. Then I heard our driver saying we are doing a stop over to witness the sea of clouds. Elated by that, we stepped out of the van quickly and welcomed the morning breeze.


It was a delight to see a sea of clouds in person. I have always dreamt of that experience. I thought I could only experience it by climbing Mt. Pulag. Never would I have thought my dream will come true that day.
We took a photo and left after a few minutes. I would love to stay longer but we need to catch the sunrise in the farm because it's the best time to visit it.

20 minutes later, we arrived at our destination. We walked from the drop off point to the registration area. The area was already flocked by tourists when we got there.

The Northern Blossom Flower Farm is located in Barangay Paoay, Atok, Benguet. It's a flower farm owned by a married couple. It's a business owned property but they opened it to the public for others to see the beautiful flowers and vegetables in the vast farmland. We paid P250 for the registration fee which includes breakfast (bread and unlimited coffee). If you want to learn more about the different types of flowers or vegetables in the farm, you will hire a tour guide that will explain it. There's no fixed rate in the tour guide fee. To avoid overcrowding and to protect the plants, entering the flower farm are done by groups and by session.

And so we began our tour. We started at the varieties of flowers planted on the right side of the farm. Since we did not hire a tour guide, we don't know the names of the flowers we took.





We proceeded on the left side where the pink cabbage roses are planted. I haven't seen one in my entire life so I was excited to check it out. It's so pretty to look at.







There were white cabbage roses too!


We go down the steps and saw another varieties of flowers inside a greenhouse.




The bottom part of the part was the best for me. The view that I loved the most. The sea of clouds.



After a few pictures with the sea of clouds we moved on to the beautiful lilac colored flowers.



We continued the tour uphill where the breakfast awaits us. The queue to the dining area was long when we got there. Good thing there's a greenhouse on the way to check out while waiting for our turn. These are pretty white flowers that I don't know the name again.




After breakfast, we head up to the parked van that will transport us back to Baguio.
The total experience of our tour was amazing. It was a wonderful nature experience that we don't have in Metro Manila. Hope this farm will blossom more when the pandemic ends and tourists are again allowed to visit.


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