Spontaneous night hop over to peak Kamen Del

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Hello there my hivean friends,

A couple days ago, a friend of mine called me and asked, do you want to climb the moraine rocks of peak Kamen Del at night with amazing views of the city? I said... umm sure, I have nothing to do tonight, besides sleeping, but I sleep everyday so I guess I can manage one night without 8 hours. And so we gathered once again together. We were 4 people in total and the weather was nice until 23 o'clock.


We started the trip at 18:30. The idea was to reach the rocks amid sunset


Here are the 3 machines. Regime marching formation


We passed through the usual more humid areas


And of course there were rivers and this canal. I did not have time to try out the water as we were in a hurry to climb


Little by little, we were going deeper into the woods. Some of the woods were brutally slain by thunders. At least in my opinion.


I was taking pictures while my friends were so pumped up to reach the rocks. As you can see they were like: ¨Dude, hurry up, we do not have all day¨. And they were right 😁 But we do have all night 🤣


And so we continued, the route was actually pretty long and hard to traverse


The woods were pretty tall, so in an event of a rain, we will be covered until we leave the deep forest. Pouring rain and thunders actually did happen when we were on our way back


We wandered over a couple houses and huts


This one in particular had its own pond. This is kind of cool because the water is supposed to be natural and cold. Perfect for cold therapy. Unfortunately, I think that this house is long time abandoned as nothing around it is maintained and also there are random people passing here everyday


We passed one last green valley. To our surprise, we found an area full of raspberries


They were wild and pretty small, but nevertheless, very tasty. We refreshed ourselves a little


Behind those birches lay the rock wall formation that leads to peak Kamen Del


Gazing upon the rock moraines. Admiring the view


Here is the first 30% of the ascend. Behind it, lays even more. And also it is sunsetting time. We made it on time 😆


Stone after stone, we were moving up the wall and the view of Sofia city began to show up


Took a couple of photos for the record. We were all very enthusiastic to climb the rocks


Sun was setting and so the city lights started twinkling like stars.


As the mountain was getting darker, the city was getting lighter


The creepy part begins here. Pitch black, good thing we had a couple of headtorches on our foreheads


The struggle is real. But so was the adrenaline and the rush. We had to climb four legged style. One misstep and who knows what may happen


But we are brave! We managed to climb up to the top of peak Kamen Del


Time to chill-ax for a little bit. There was actually another group of people already here when we came. Of course they climbed the peak from the standard route which is via the inside marked pathway. We were the only crazy chaps to do it via the uphill


And so we enjoyed the view for an hour or two. But the weather started to change abruptly. We could hear thunders and lightenings


My smile did not disappear but we had to leave. Otherwise, the descend would be even more challenging


I couldn't take many pictures as it was very dark. And also the rain caught us so we had to switch off our devices to avoid thunders


We passed by a couple of huts on our way back. We descended via the standard pathway. Not the rocks.


We continued with only our headtorches


That is the last picture that I took before the big storm caught us. Luckily, there was a lot of wind too, and the dangerous clouds passed on our side. We could see the lightenings, but no thunder landed near us. Soaking wet, we made it safely to the car. BAsically, it is always some kind of an adventure when I go to the mountain. It is never something ordinary that a normal person would do. I guess we are seeking to overcome fears and get away from the city life for a day. This time, we did not expect such a dangerous weather and at night but oh well, we got even more challenged.

Thank you for viewing and your support :) It is because of all of you guys that I am inspired to make those blogs and challenge myself to record them. I really appreciate you all. Hive keeps me motivated to create even more productive content in the future!

Have a great day!

Stay happy, be peaceful!




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Beautiful night photos ;)

Namaste 🙏

You guys are crazy with your night climbs, but I have to admit, the view is great!

@tipu curate

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Oh my goodness, you climbed the peak in the dark! Well done you guys. Apart from the beautiful trail, excellent night view up there.

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I would say that the climb down is quite dangerous at night but it seems like you guys had fun, and had each others' backs. The journey towards the peak allows you to pass through tall trees which were just splendid. And of course, the view on top with the city lights is just plainly majestic. You must be glad you decided to tag along with your friend.