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RE: Should I Give Money to a Begging Child When Traveling?

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That's a well-written Tim. I can't agree with you anymore. Tourists should not give money to small children for many reasons.
Several popular tourist spots in Viet Nam- esp some provinces in northern highlands that children have been pushed to go out, sell things and beg for money. Many parents are taking advantage of tourists’ compassion for small children. and even forcing their kids to sell things in the cold weather, which is pitiful....!!
I think we can help the kids in more practical ways not by giving them money.
Thanks for sharing thí great article 😊


Thanks @trangbaby for the thoughtful response.
I've seen this as well in Vietnam... I want to help them and buy them food or give the money, so hard to see... Sometimes the best things you can do for people, is not do anything right?