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RE: Phi Phi Island , Phuket , Thailand.

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Wowww..Phi Phi island is up and will be top trending sis. It's amazing Island that everyone talking about when it comes to Thailand. 🤩
The water is so blue and covering by those stunning limestones 😲
You always catch beautiful sunset 👍
Amaziiiiiing ❤️


You are right sis these in my opinion are the best islands in Thailand and great for partying also...hehe 😊
Definitely needs to go on your bucket list after OZ you can drop in to see me here and we will go party together on Phi Phi island 🌞

Yes sis, wait for this pandemic over. I will pack and go, save some money for Thailand and Indo after OZ and will definitely let you know once I visit Thailand 😍 so we can go party 🤣

You have it all worked out nice to have plans and i know you will do it , i will be looking forward to your visit sis 😊