Birth City - Sydney Australia.

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I would like to introduce to the, Hive Community the city of Sydney in Australia, my city of birth. Let me tell you and show you around some of our most iconic tourist areas in the city of Sydney. The city of Sydney in New South Wales was founded in 1842 and today has a population of almost 6 million people. I would describe Sydney today in it's modern times to be a very vibrant and liveable city with one of the most magnificent harbour's in the world and some of the most incredible beaches in the world.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.


Sydney Harbour Bridge opened for service in 1932 joining the southern suburbs to the northern suburbs, been the largest steel arch bridge in the world. Today people walk, cycle and even climb this bridge for the most breathtaking views you could image. The Opera House is one of the most photographed icon structure in the world looking like giant white sail shaped shells, I call them big white bird wings but some will disagree with me, in any case it's the most visited icon landmark in our city of Sydney.





The city of Sydney has certainly progressed, has come an long way since it was founded, this photo was take from an hanging photo on the platform of Circular Quay, this was Sydney in the 1920's before the Harbour Bridge was completed and steam powered ships were still used.

The Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay in the city center.


And this is Today.




Around the Sydney Harbour we have many scenic walks that run for miles from suburb to suburb giving you the most spectacular views of the Harbour and the city views, passing by many botanical gardens allowing you, to get of those concrete walkways and make diversions through those wonderful fields of green nature.

The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.







Both the Royal Botanic Garden and Hyde Park in the city center are two of our most walked parks from overseas tourist. The Royal Botanic Garden is run by universities of scientific research and organizations, here you will find the most beautiful species of flowers, plants and trees the garden has an area of 30 hectares (74 acres) and Hyde Park is just as nice, an relaxing park in the center of the city and the oldest park in Sydney it has an area of 16 hectares (40 acres) here you will find many famous statues and lots of near by office workers having lunch on the benches provided while enjoying the beautiful lush green nature surrounding them.

Hyde Park, Sydney.






The Rocks is the older neighborhood of Sydney city where the old meets the new with lots of historic lane-ways you can venture down exploring little streets with many clothing markets and street food markets, you will also find some of Sydney's oldest pubs and museums, an great day can be spend in this historic area.

The Rocks, Sydney.






Now leaving the city center, am going to take you over to another popular tourist spot called Manly beach it's as famous as our Bondi Beach, only thing the North Shore is more classy and expensive to live, you can either drive over the Harbour Bridge or take a ferry from Circular Quay Pier, ferries run every half hour, so we opt the ferry as it's much more scenic and much quicker then by car without having to stress in traffic.

Suburb of Manly and Manly Beach.






The Manly suburb itself is a very clean suburb with many tall Pine trees lining the main beach road walk and the people are very laid back with many laid back pubs and family friendly eateries to eat out or drink out from.

Manly Beach Road.




Manly beach in Australia is know for one of the best surf beaches in Sydney, it became even most famous when the world's first surfing contest was held here in the year of 1964. And apart from it's beautiful easy going beach side lifestyle, you will find the most sophisticated dining by the beach front enjoying the best seafood cuisines in the world.





This was my last tour of my beautiful City of Sydney before I left Australia three years ago. I will tell that story in another blog.


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it's a place i'd like to visit someday 😄 thank you for sharing your amazing photos!

Hi there, @ilovewintergem well I hope you do make it to Australia one day it's a beautiful country and lots to see and do and thank you for checking my blog out.

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Ohhh we are the same in Danang with many iconic Bridges ^^img_20200613_224055.jpg

Ohhh, that is fabulous bridge, I was in Hanoi about 5 years ago on business but never got a chance to see much of Vietnam, it's a beautiful country I need to come back to see more.

Yessss, please text me when you are back. Definitely I will guide you best things 😘 Vietnam is beautiful in any season so no worry when you plan your trip 🤗

Thank you @babeltrips that is so nice of you I would love that as you would guide us to the best places.

Yessss, sure that unique places only 😁