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Hey everyone!!!! This is a message to update everyone on what the Steemitworldmap team has been up to since we moved to Hive. And for me, to officially say goodbye to everyone.

It's been three months since we've moved over to Hive and you may have noticed I don't operate anymore. I've handed the reins over to @pinmapple, that's this cool guy you may have seen around.




Since moving to Hive, we rebranded ourselves as Pinmapple . You can find us here The rebranding meant we've had to build up our operations from scratch. It hasn't been an easy journey, but we felt it was the right thing to do as we are 100% committed to Hive. In fact, we're the only travel community on Hive dedicated to this truly decentralized platform. We don't operate on Steem anymore.


Luckily our users haven't forgotten about us, and those who continue to be active on Hive are now pinning their travel post on Mr Pinmapple. There have been over 3200 pins (increasing every day) on Pinmapple since Hive started, and we've curated over 1080 of them. That's around 1 in every 3 post, and shows the quality of the travel content on Hive. Not bad!!


We have created two communities for Hive travel content creators.

The first is the Haveyoubeenhere and Pinmapple community on the Hive blockchain

Communities are a great way to find posts from like-minded authors. The Haveyoubeenhere and Pinmapple community is focused on quality travel content and we actively moderate it so you're reading travel related content only. Posting your travel content from our community not only make sure it reaches the right audience, there's the added benefit of greater support. We are supported by OCD under the Community Incubation Programme where they actively curate in selected communities. We're the only travel community supported by OCD under this programme giving you even more a reason to post from Haveyoubeenhere and Pinmapple community.

The second community is our Discord channel Join us to keep up to date on all that's happening with our projects and general chit chat and support.


  • it's cool, you get your own personal Pinmapple travel map to show off to people
  • it's much easier to share your travel posts with friends and for them to choose the content they want to read
  • you can be creative and use Pinmapple for your own projects. For example we have many Actifit users, @ammonite uses it for his sculpture works around the world, @thekittygirl has a collection of barns in the USA, @tattoodjay share many of this walks and photography around New York, and @cleanplanet tracks how they are cleaning up the world via Pinmapple
  • we upvote all the posts selected to the #TravelDigest, with the top 3 posts getting 100% upvote from the @Pinmapple account
  • all the posts on the #TravelDigest will be upvoted by two of the largest accounts on Hive, @blocktrades and @theycallmedan
  • Pinmapple is the only travel community to get support from OCD's Community Incubation Programme. Posting from our community will potentially give you upvotes from three major accounts on Hive
  • we do not take any beneficiary cut from your hard earned post rewards when you post from our community. It all goes towards you growing your account



We are one of the earliest curation guilds on Steem/Hive and have been curating since we started in August 2017. Every day, the team of Pinmapple curators manually go through all the posts pinned onto Pinmapple and issue a #TravelDigest to showcase the best travel posts. Since we started, there have been 51464 pins pinned on the map by 2675 unique users!!! These figures increase every day. We have curated over ten thousand of these pins from 917 unique users. With so many users, it would be true to say that Steemtiworldmap Pinmapple is THE Hive travel map.


Our operating costs include server costs and HiveSQL subscription fees. The total is around USD780 per annum. This is funded wholly by our power down from Steem and the Hive curation rewards. We do not take any beneficiary cut from authors to fund our operation as we believe that author's rewards should be exactly that - rewarding authors.

Our team of curators are paid by the liquid author rewards from the daily #TravelDigest. The vested rewards remain with the Pinmapple account to support authors.


Because we need your support, and we believe transparency is the best way to do this.

So far, the whale accounts mentioned above have put their faith in us. We're grateful for their support, and the confidence they place in the Pinmapple team for the work we do. In addition, the following have supported us through delegations, so a big call out is due - THANK YOU EVERYONE!

@iamraincrystal 101 HP
@justinparke 50 HP
@lizanomadsoul 504 HP
@alexanderfluke 302 HP
@derekrichardson 202 HP
@eturnerx 5,021 HP
@kidsisters 5 HP
@martibis 504 HP
@roelandp 11,198 HP
@sinochip 806 HP
@sreypov 5 HP

The travel community consistently produces some of the highest quality content on Hive, and this can be seen from our curation. One in three (1080 out of 3200) Pinmapple posts have been curated by us on Hive, and since we started in August 2017, we have curated one in five (10004 out of 51464 ) of all post pinned onto the map. We know through our work, we have supported many content creators who may have otherwise given up long ago.

We currently have over 42k effective HP, and with further support from you, we can continue to do an even better job and help make Hive a better place in the long run.


  • Please delegate to Pinmapple. This is the lifeblood to support our curation effort and will mean greater support to the travel content creators. You can delegate to @pinmapple through Hivesigner here or via your wallet on
  • You can follow our curation trail on here.
  • And finally, please vote for our DHF Proposal for funding for our Haveyoubeenhere and Pinmapple projects. This is the proposal link.


And that's all from me, @steemitworldmap. Now it's time for me to bow out.

Thanks a million for supporting me on Steem. We had some great time together, but now I'm passing the baton to Mr Pinmapple. If you haven't yet, please follow @Pinmapple as that will mean an awful lot to the team, and provide the much needed moral support.

Cheers, and take care!

Pinmapple team



Very good update to the account name and work you’ve accomplished so far. It definitely makes sense to rebrand so you don’t have to have confused new users thinking what’s steemit? Lol

Thanks for the community names, I’ve been out there trying to connect with our new users and red fish so I will definitely have this one jotted down for those who like travel things. Who doesn’t like travel?!

Thanks so much for the update and good work on building the travel community here. 1 in 3 is an excellent ratio!

Travel is definitely an easier topic for newbies, and it doesn't have to be overseas travel. They can even introduce people to a local landmark so people can go there when they visit their city.

Hopefully people will learn more about Pinmapple through this post and the support we can offer them. And thank you for checking us out.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

A !BEER for you and for the team.

Keep up the good work

Thanks @detlev and your continued support!


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Very glad you came over! Excited to start Pinmapping!

That's great!! Looking forward to seeing you on Pinmapple!!!


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

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Hey @steemitworldmap, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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It's actually really is a good move where you rebrand yourself with a name that doesn't link to any blockchain name. It becomes your own niche. 🙂

My apologies for not been using your service. I should start again.

No apologies needed, travel is a bit restricted at the moment for everyone, but when you do travel around don't forget to pin to Pinmapple!!!

Sure thing!

Thank you for the shout-out! I discovered SteemitWorldMap when I'd only been on the blockchain a week or so, and was thrilled when I heard about @pinmapple and the move to Hive! Your project is so awesome! ✨⚡️⭐️

Thanks for your support @thekittygirl, so glad you love it. We should hang out some time, thekittygirl and Mr Pinmapple, how cool is that!!!

I would love to sit at the beach with Mr. Pinmapple and sip margaritas! 😁 🍹

I was almost sure that I already delegated to you guys, but it seems like not. Will fix that soon since I already follow your curation trail 😄

Thanks so much for your support and delegation Gabbby, we really appreciate it!

The pleasure is all mine!

I think haveyoubeenhere sounds more marketing friendly than steemitworld map. Suggestion : It will be nice to have an android app that is not exclusive to hive users. Regardless, keep up the great work!

Haveyoubeenhere is not exclusive to Hive users! 😄 You can also log in with Facebook and Apple Sign in on iOS! 😄

can you add more options than Facebook? since that's counter-intuitive from the decentralization and privacy idea. Just saying.

I might add more options later, what option would you like to see?

Here is my reasoning behind the options: I wanted simple secure and spam resistant options that were available for most people. (fake spam accounts etc. happen a lot with email verification in smaller social platforms).
That's how I got to:

  • Users that want decentralization go with Hivesigner
  • Users who do not care about decentralization and prefer something they're used to use Facebook
  • Users who don't like Facebook can use Apple Sign In (unfortunately it requires an iOS device)

The only secure option I see next to those is something like mobile phone verification, but it brings costs and a lot of work with. I am however always open to suggestions!

Thank you for your explanation. What about adding twitter into the options? though I do see how it may also cause fake spam account problem.

I can definitely take a look at Twitters login API, I'll add it to my list of things I should take a look at! Might be a while though as I am working on quite a big update at the moment (more tba in a good month or so)! 😁

awesome and good luck!

You are really doing an amazing job and Stop by at Travel Digest every day is a must for me!

You are picking all the best travel post here and that is what I am most interested it.

It is also very rewarding to pin posts to Pinmapple.

Branding is also great by the way :)

So to conclude firstly I will support your project with my work, but I have also upvoted, rehived, supported your DHF proposal and will delegate my first HP to someone.

Keep your amazing work up and will see you around traveling through Hive :)

It's always a pleasure to curate your posts @crazy-andy. Don't forget to post from out community on Hive for greater support, and thanks in advance for delegating to us!

I like the idea of your project, and i like a new name too! Thanks for your work!🍍

Thanks for your support @irisworld, don't forget to follow us if you're not already doing so 🍍

Always appreciate your work. That's a really great update.. :)

And we're so glad for your support @priyanarc, thank you for delegating to Pimapple!

So glad you flipped to the right side, have tried to remember to add to posts when all in one place.

Travel, we need to roll up the sleeves and write, sweet memories to tantalize ones imagination of going again soon.... When this lock down ceases control 😄

There was never a doubt about coming over to Hive, and we're glad so many of our users are here with us.

Maybe the lockdown is a great reason to go through archives and share travel stories before we take on our next adventure

Happy to be of service. The @KidSisters and @Sreypov will up their delegations once their accounts are little richer in HP.

We really appreciate the support from the Parke family and your delegations. It means so much to us when users still delegate as they are growing their account. Thanks!!!

Thank you so much for everything you guys did on Steem and have now been doing here on Hive. One of the legends of the chain :)

We couldn't have done that without the support of everyone, so you guys are the true legends!!! Upwards and forwards on Hive!!!

I love the name and i like what you guys have always been doing and still are doing , i will from now on be posting with the community tag and i will try and work out how to vote on this DHF Proposal been to that link a couple of times to try and vote but some how i haven't been successful doing it but will try again 👍

If you're on peakd you can go into proposals under the drop down menu by your name in the top right, our proposal number is 90. Or you can also find us here on Thanks for your support in advance.

Posting from our community definitely makes sense as it gives you even more exposure and potential support, just remember to pin it on me Mr Pinmapple 🍍 which I Know you already do 😁

Just created my Hive account today (because I signed up for Steemit since June and they haven't approved me, while Hive got me working like that)

Where can I learn more about participating and earning by making good pins? And what is it that I can even do? Would love to give it a shot.


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