Travel Digest #43

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wow again an amazing photography you have taken I really like the quality, I will sure wait for more the left photographs of your travel. 🤝🙏🍻😊

Nice, yea they will keep coming too, I'm just going to keep creating my reality and do what I do. Thanks for enjoying my blog, appreciate you and your comments. Namaste

Ya sure I will wait for the upcoming posts. thats really great sir. 🤝🙏

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Thanks Bro @rehan12

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I'm wondering if the person who drives that Bentley wears as many precious accessories as his car 🤣

Probably, and its all meaningless materialism but I guess whatever makes you happy, I mean it does look cool but I wouldn't do it. The house right next to the car looked like the owners house, it to was like a yellowish gold house but I couldn't get a shot of it due to the Sun. Thanks for stopping by too, appreciate it, have a blessed one.

That's quite a thing. But yeah, just like you said, as long as it makes you happy, that's fine. And it's nothing bad on being different though :D

Have a great weekend!

Exactly, do you and create your reality, as well as be a good person, no matter how different we are from another, that's the beauty of living life. You too, have a great weekend.

You had a whole lot of fun, the aesthethic views from the images taking create a desire for tourism in me and I will see to bringing it to fulfilment in no distant time

It's crazy because ever since my awakening in 2020, I feel that, that is all I am now. Everything is wonders to me and I cant stop going out even in my city and hiking anywhere but I know I have so much more to see. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, have a blessed one.

You take all the kinds of shots and places that I would love to one day see in person! So cool! Thanks for the tour.

Yup, so hard for me to choose pictures, so I give a full virtual tour thru my eyes and lens, Thanks for the kind words and thank you for stopping by my post. Have a blessed one.

Nice Photography take

Thanks, and thanks for checking them out....