Have you been to Kochi?


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Kochi is the city I was born and brought up. I now live in the suburbs, in a village. I do miss the sights and sounds of the city but have now grown to like life in the village more than the city because of the quiet and absence of mosquitoes and constant noise from the busy roads.

The above photo shows the backwaters and the shipyard. Beyond that, there are also a few islands where people live. It is very beautiful to view in the night and many people frequent the park from which this photo was taken.

The park is very neat and quiet and people do visit it often but are discouraged from throwing litter around. There is a park for children nearby where there are many toys to play with especially toy vehicles.

The parks are the main attraction of the city but make sure you visit it during the evenings so that you can enjoy the cool breeze. Boat rides are also there but it would be better to avoid it during heavy rains.

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The parks and the backwaters are not the only attractions of Kochi. If you like trekking, there are nearby places like the 'Paaniyeli poru' where you can walk along the river Periyar bank and see the jungle path through which it flows but be warned, there could be wild elephants and even cheetahs.

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The Periyar river bank

and yes there is a modern mall for those who love a night out and some shopping. The Lulu mall which claims to be the biggest in India is however now closed to visitors because of the COVID scare.

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Lulu Hypermarket

I am sure you will love to visit Kerala someday and hopefully, the covid scare will disappear very soon.

All photos owned by sayee.

location - Kochi, Kerala, India