Silo Art Trail & Hopetoun (Lake Lascelles Campground)

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I absolutely love graffiti art that's not really graffiti art. Melbourne's a great home for graffiti - huge murals adorn the most hipster of suburbs and colour up the place, and the country is also getting it's dose on huge concrete silos. On our drive up to the deserts in NE Victoria we couldn't resist driving in to get a great shot of Buttercup in front of a silo or two. We did miss a couple, but the drive was hot and it was getting late, so Lake Lascelles it was!


Firstly, the silo art!! There's an entire map - I think we saw about five, but there's plenty along the highway you'll see simply for spotting a silo!


I did get yelled at by a guy who wanted to take a photo but we were in the way. To our credit, he was standing there for ages when we rocked up so we thought he was done! We were in and out taking a photo for Instagram as you do - I mean, why wouldn't you? The funny thing was, he said 'oh, of course, it's all about the photo isn't it' in a totally sarcastic way - did he not realise he was getting grumpy because he wanted a photo as well? I think some people are a LITTLE stir crazy from being locked up, as that was completely unneccessary! I do hope he got a photo as cool as we did, haha!



We stopped at Hopetoun after the silos, as we needed to rest and eat and sleep before heading into the desert. Hopetoun has a FABULOUS free camp run by the community - I suppose travellers bring business to the town! It's very safe, nice and quiet, and a great spot to spend a day or two if you're travel weary. The campground is actually right on the lake.


Lake Lascelles is great if you've been driving from SA, down from the border, or up from the coast. It's a bit of a crossing point to go either way, and is a really easy free camp only a kilometre work from a small town with a supermarket, a pub and a few other shops. It's possible to swim in the lake and even water ski if you have a boat. There's a lot of 'grey nomads' (Australian for retired people in RV's and caravans) because it IS an easy camp.

There's the most amazing shower and camp kitchen that's also free to use. In fact, on the way back we stopped JUST for a shower - we'd been in the desert for days and it was super hot, so a long shower was welcome. WE sat by the lake and had a beer and a swim before driving further south. We realised we'd been here before as well, heading over from the Flinders Ranges.

You'll also find some fabulous accomodation here - simple sheds and converted silos with nothing but a reverse cycle air con and beds. You still have to use the shared facilities but if it's freezing or hot or you're sick of sleeping in a tent, they are only 30 bucks a night!



From Lake Lascelles you can head to one of the big salt lakes close by at Lake Tyrell, or head into Wyperfield National Park, which was our choice. I can't recommend the place highly enough for a jumping off point for NE Victoria!

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Awesome! I love it when artists use enormous walls as a canvas. And a silo is usually way-normous.

Weird thing about that fellow picture taker. Maybe he was the more intense type of photographer, who has to wait for THE perfect moment, considering the angle of the sun, the wind, the birds, the insects, and everything else... A Buttercup appearing out of nowhere, however, may not be exactly what he was considering.

Ha, no, he was just a grumpy happy snapper.. I was hoping you'd see this, given your mural blogs, and was going to tag you if you hadn't!! I love a bit of concrete made art.

Hahaha, these days I do. I have more than enough time checking my hive feed. Other times... maybe once a weeks if I'm lucky. But you can always mention me! Then I'll make sure to visit the post in question, even if I'm building things in the desert.

Stunning art and wonderful photos too!
I wish they would have done that to our grain elevators or even the smaller silos (most of the small grain silos are on private land so I guess they would need permission from the farmers.)

How lovely to have found that campsite and that it was free!

Thanks for sharing those silo paintings - really enjoyed them!

I wonder if you could start a campaign to get them going in your area?

Wow! It is really cool using silos as canvas! Your photos shows some absolutely stunning art. The first one looks like it could be the Australian artist Guido van Helten? I have seen a silo in Denmark done by him.

How nice 🙂I also love graffiti art (not sure what you mean by graffiti art that's not really graffiti art). Seems like a really nice trip, I'm sorry, I haven't been updated lately, but I'm starting to find new routines here in Stockholm. When it comes to graffiti though, that's non-existent in this sterile city. Quite a contrast to Berlin...

Oh I think everything must be boring next to Berlin... sorry I haven't caught up on your blog.. I've been away again.. Will soon. Hope you are doing okay xx

That silo art is really cool! Glad you had a quiet calm place to rest up. :))

Oh yes, much better than Redneck River!

Seeing big silos on the horizon takes me back home to Kentuckiana, except we don't make our silos aesthetically pleasing in any form. Your adventures are so vicariously through you these days.

Isn't HIVE great for vicarious living? The art DEFINITELY brightens up the area and brings tourists. I love them!