Trip to Portugal - Botanical garden of Porto #4

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Last article about this beautiful botanical garden in Porto. Once again I advise you to visit this garden if you are in the Porto area. The garden is close to the city center and in terms of public transport has several options.



In this garden there is a building with a small museum about various types of plants. As we are in a pandemic moment, I decided not to go inside and keep myself outdoors. In this one it is necessary to be very careful when walking in closed public places, since the numbers of infected people is increasing considerably in Portugal, unfortunately.



As the garden is large I took the opportunity to rest a little on the benches that are available in the garden. A beautiful place to relax in the middle of nature and reflect a little on several things I have to do during the week.



In the midst of so many trees and plants I discovered one in which the name is cryptomeria which reminded me of the world of cryptos in the middle of nature ehehe


So, do not forget to visit this garden if you are a lover or curious of nature and of various species of plants. Here you will find a great diversity of plants and at the same time enjoy the beauty of plants and trees together.
On Sundays it's free entry, enjoy it.


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Visit Portugal & Stay Safe
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