Travel Digest #945

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Hey everyone, @ItchyfeetDonica here with another travel digest! Enjoy!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Private but you're welcome - Clovelly by @galenkp

A thousand years of history, steep cobbled streets, magnificent views over the Bristol Channel, quaint old-worldiness and donkeys...Yes, I said donkeys. That's what you'll find at Clovelly if you're fortunate enough to visit and, trust me on this, you will not be disappointed. Clovelly is old, in fact, it sits on an Estate once owned by William the Conqeuror, the fist Norman King of England (from 1066-1087). After a few hand-me-downs within the royal family it was acquired in 1242 by the Giffard family. Until the mid 1800's the village simply went about its business of being a fishing village largely unnoticed by anyone other than those who lived there.

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🥈 Road Trip Postcard: Marais-Poitevin, France's Green Venice by @discoveringarni

Marais-poitevin is divided into three zones; the wet marsh covered in green duckweed, the dry marsh used in agriculture, and the coastal zone. The still green waters of cris-crossing canals, dykes and rivers drew the nickname La Venise Verte or The Green Venice. It was declared a Regional Natural Park (Parc naturel régional) until 1996 when the area grew heavily in agriculture. This unique site attracts a lot of tourists for the weekend, most popularly during the summer.

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🥉 The Virgin of Candelaria by @for91days

Candelaria is named for the virgin which supposedly washed up on its shores before the arrival of the Spanish. (Get ready for some skepticism, cause I simply don’t buy this story.) Supposedly, the heathen Guanches of the time discovered this holy statue on the beach and, in their attempts to harm it, harmed themselves instead. “Wow, it’s a miracle”, and in recognition of its glory, they installed it in a cave, and worshipped it as though they were Catholics, even though catholicism had yet to arrive to the Canary Islands.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Swimming, Sohoton Cove, The Philippines by @kneelyrac
  • Casino, Genting Highland, Malaysia by @abduhawab
  • Mount Diablo State Park, California, USA by @kohsamui99
  • Seaside Urbex, Cornwall, UK by @grindle
  • Gyrocopter flight, South Cebu, The Philippines by @iamyohann
  • Walk, London, UK by @livinguktaiwan
  • Citadel, Carcassonne, France by @katrin-lux

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