Travel Digest #1089

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Hello everyone! This is @ybanezkim26, presenting today's edition of #TravelDigest. I'm stoked for today's selection of posts! We have a palace tour of Versailles, France, a scenic take on the snowy peaks of Semnoz, France, and a tour of a "ghost town" in Arizona, USA. Enjoy!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Architecture Moments™ 1: Palace of Versailles by @storiesoferne

Have you been inside a real palace before? What could be the feeling of owning a home as massive as a castle? How would you desire to experience what it was to live like royalty? Well, today I'm going to give you a personal tour of one world-famous building where kings and queens used to call their abode. Join me as I walk you through a number of visual scenes and narratives as we travel back to a time when excessive decorations, oversized spaces, and lavish lifestyles were the trends.

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🥈 Mont Blanc and snowy peaks ...17 pictures to enjoy 😊 by @barbara-orenya

These last days have benefited from a wonderful snowfall here in France, and yesterday we went to the top of the Semnoz mountain to enjoy the sun, the snow, and an exceptional view that I share here with you.

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🥉 Take The Last Train To Goldfield... by @generikat

Now, my group of peeps loved Goldfield so much that we visited more than once. In fact, you will probably get a series of posts on the place, because while in Goldfield I did all manner of things worth writing about, I took a guided bordello tour, a mystery shack tour, a mine tour, watched a gunfight reenactment, and rode the TRAIN!

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Honorable Mentions

  • Mountains, Trabzon, Turkey by @lalakhes
  • Town, Aalst, Belgium by @lightcaptured
  • Hike, California, USA by @derekrichardson
  • Hike, Brumovice, Czech Republic by @onlavu
  • Camping Ground, Sydney, Australia by @travelgirl
  • Recreation Park, Florida, USA by @shoemanchu
  • Opera House, Oslo, Norway by @elenahornfilm
  • Camping, Nam Ngao, Thailand by @thinkit
  • Rose Garden, Victoria, Australia by @melbourneswest
  • Temple, Deoghar, India by @steemflow
  • Cave, Siargao, Philippines by @itinerantph

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      Awesome work everyone, some goodies here, thanks for sharing and congrats. Thanks for the mentions @ybanezkim26 .

      Thanks a lot for the feature and congrats to everyone! More power to @pinmapple and #TravelDigest! 😀

      Thank you for the mention @pinmapple team! More Power <3

      congrats to everyone I loved reading these! And thank you for the mention! :)

      Thanks so much for featuring my post :)
      Keep up the great work!

      Hey... this is so cool (and an honor) to be in the travel digest ! 😊

      smileycat thank you.pngvery much @ybanezkim26 and @pinmapple ! 😉

      You're welcome! I really love looking at the snow-covered mountains. Coming from a tropical country, it's one of my dreams to experience snow someday.

      I sometimes think to people who do not have snow in their country and how wonderful it might appear to them...I was precisely thinking, in front of this last week-end, how lucky we are to have such beautiful-in-4-seasons-landscapes 😊

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