Travel Digest #1081

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Hi everyone it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. As usual, we have a great mix of fantastic travel posts for your weekend Pinmapple reading today. The top curated posts include another epic post from the Jasper National Park in Canada, an executioners's house in Germany and a camping trip in Germany. In addition. we'll also be travelling all over the world in Europe, Asia and USA. Enjoy.

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Jasper National Park: Waterfalls, ice walls and wrong turns in the Sunwapta Valley (Icefield Parkway) by @ladybug146

Deemed one of the most beautiful highways in the world seeing millions of tourist each year seemed deserted, so far this trip, the town was nearly empty, the trails were empty, it was a great time for locals to be here. No bus loads after bus loads of chaotic tourists bursting out like ants out of an anthill...This is how the Rockies were meant to be enjoyed! We love you guys but I think it will give the land time to recoup from all the visitor stress it has endured over the years.

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🥈 The Dark Gate and the Executioner's House in Görlitz / Das Finstertor und das Scharfrichterhaus in Görlitz (Photoreport) by @schamangerbert

In the north of the city there is a very special Görlitz monument. Almost 500 years seem to have simply passed by the building. It was first mentioned in 1455 as a gate at the gravedigger. The museum was unfortunately closed due to the pandemic and so I can only show pictures from the outside. In the vernacular, the gate was also called the poor sinners gate. The convicts had to go through here and were judged in the hangman's house or the adjoining gallows hill.

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🥉 4x4 Camping Adventure. Hiking to the top for the best views. by @thinkit

As we walked back to the truck we took a look back up to where we had just hiked. The sun was much higher in the sky and we were feeling much warmer. We set up our camp table for breakfast, turned on the gas, mixed up some flour, eggs and milk and cooked some pancakes. Fortunately one of the things we did buy in the market on the drive in were strawberries, perfect for any camping breakfast!

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Honorable Mentions

  • Road trip, Modena, Italy by @orestistrips
  • River, Kardjali Dam, Bulgaria by @lightcaptured
  • Museum, La Laguna, Spain by @for91days
  • Trekking, Alikadam, Bangladesh by @sants1311
  • City, Taipei, Taiwan by @koenau
  • Coast, Ballina, Australia by @galenkp
  • Village, Carlsbad, USA by @shoemanchu
  • Diving, Cebu, Philippines by @ybanezkim26
  • Walk, Narva, Estonia by @olgavita

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      Some more awesome posts and pictures, congrats everyone, well done. Thanks for the mention @LivingUKTaiwan too. Bless you

      As long as you guys keep on posting, we'll keep on curating!!

      Nice, well you know me by now I love posting and creating, maybe one day I will be a Pro. haha

      @tipu curate 3

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      Great to see my post here. The addition of the map tag is really good. I wonder if there is any development (or something you already have) to link a Live map of the location directly to each post that uses a tag?

      After you've pinned your post on Pinmapple, you'll get an auto comment from us. That will include the link for that post on Pinmapple, as well as your own personal profile of all your pins on Pinmapple. For example, this is for your post that we've curated. Is this what you mean?

      No not just a link that redirects you to a new window but an actual interactive map on the post itself. You could read the post and straight away see an interactive map that you could zoom in and out of at the bottom of the post or wherever you add it in the post. The full size map you off by clicking the link but a mini version for adding to the post as well would be cool.

      Maybe it could work by adding an embed code of your map link into the post - much like adding an embed code from a YouTube video and having a YouTube window play a video mid post.

      Oh, I'm so sorry for replying this late, the team made me aware but I complete forgot! In short, while I think of course that this is a fabulous idea, it's quite hard to put into practice. I would have to start by creating an embeddable version of the map, generate URLs for those and than it still depends on the other frontends whether they would support that URL or not. So while not impossible, it's largely impractical (and also would be expensive for me with so many google maps instances I think)!

      In short, I think it's a very cool idea, but I think it's highly unlikely to become reality! I hope that answers your question somewhat?

      However, an easier solution might be to get frontends to show a little map in the post if the Pinmapple code is there (that way no embed is needed which makes things a lot easier and a link to the bigger map can be added too). This would be miles easier and the little Pinmapple code holds all the info needed for any frontend to implement this. If this would be brought up with frontends I would obviously 100% support that!

      Hey, thanks for the reply. TBH I have very little knowledge of how it would work as well or what would be needed but seems like you do. Thanks for the explanation and who knows where it might develop to. As it is at the moment, it's already really cool and a nice feature to have to be able to pin places to a map. Maps and visual locations are hugely important to travellers like myself - as you must be aware of after already implementing such a feature.

      From you suggestion - im assuming you are saying to add a visual map image that acts as a clickable hyperlink (with that pinmapple link)- redirecting straight to the pinmapple page? If i understand right, that would work - less interactive (as its a still image) but definitely more visual than a typed hyperlink.
      Do you have any Pinmapple logo map images that you have branded or i can use my own - if I can manage to work out out to do it lol

      oh and silly question - who/what is frontends? another account user here in Hive or a function to allow this imagine linking to work?


      Thank you!

      You're welcome

      Awesome ... thank you!

      Nice museum!

      Thank you for the Honorable Mention! :)


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      That's a very impressive horseshoe bend. Great photos

      Thanks a lot :) Hopefully next time I go there I run into more dynamic sky with clouds. I intend to create a time-lapse as well if I have the chance and the time :) Cheers!

      All the photographs and publications are very good, I loved them, incredible everything looks from the top ... and the pancakes with strawberries are my favorites.