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Hi everyone! This is @ybanezkim26 and I'll be presenting today's edition of #TravelDigest. It's my debut Travel Digest as I'm the newest curator and the latest addition of the Pinmapple team. I may not be as pretty as @itchyfeetdonica, but I hope I'll be able to fulfill the tasks as she did for Pinmapple all these years. As I've said in my post, I dreamed of this for a long time and it finally happened! I don't know when I'll be able to get over with this, but this is so cool!

Anyway, we have a few announcements to make about the contest. We noticed that some of you were having issues logging in to the raffle page and the Haveyoubeenhere app with Hivesigner. @martibis already started working on support for Hive Keychain for the raffle page at and he has contacted the devs of Hivesigner who have just pushed a new live update, meaning logging in with Hivesigner might work now. Please do check if you still have issues and if yes, do let us know so we can help in fixing them as soon as possible. With all of this taking into account, we have decided to extend the duration of the raffle for 10 more days (until the 5th of December) and the writing contests will be extended 5 more days (in case you didn't write as you couldn't participate in the raffle). Once Hive Keychain is live on the raffle page, we will let you know in the Discord and in the next digest (most likely tomorrow), so stay tuned!

Alright! Enjoy the posts and travel stories today from all around the globe. We have from Japan, Pakistan, Austria, Poland, Chile, Morocco, Italy, Australia, and United Kingdom. Just imagine the diversity of today's selection!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Spontaneous Hike Up Akagiyama - Mt. Jizoudake 地蔵岳 by @dmilliz

Last Monday I took a spontaneous trip to Akagiyama ( Mt. Akagi ) in Gunma prefecture. The region is full of mountains 🏔many of which are volcanic and active, providing natural hot springs for your bathing pleasure.

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🥈 📷 The Land of High Mountains: Pakistan. Day 4. From the Himalayas to the Karakoram by @sharker

We arrived at the Minapin village (2050m above sea level). Some Pakistanis before us had checked into the hotel where we planned to spend the night and the owner, as he said, would not evict them. It's strange, after all, we booked housing here in advance. Well, okay, they are looking for new housing for us, and while we wait, we drink tea with rose petals and eat apricots in the garden of a small hotel overlooking the snow-capped peak of Mount Rakaposhi.

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🥉 Castles in Poland - Czocha castle, secrets, Nazis, V-1 and V-2 rockets by @marianomariano

Czocha Castle is located near the town of Leśna, on the beautiful Lake Leśniańskie, into which the Kwisa River flows - the left longest tributary of the Bóbr River. The first mentions of Czocha Castle, which today stands on the site of a former wooden and stone medieval fortified stronghold, date back to 1241. Probably the first owner of Czocha Castle in the 13th century was the Czech King Wacław and his son Przemysław Ottokar II. As it usually happens, the history of castles in Poland is turbulent, and the owners changed frequently, from the Branderburian Ascene dynasty, through Henryk, the Jawor-Świdnik duke.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Hike, Grosser Speikkogel, Austria by @onlavu
  • Landscapes, Rapa Nui, Chile by @digi-me
  • Church, Krakow, Poland by @phortun
  • Forest, Victoria, Australia by @riverflows
  • Motorcycle Trip, Moulay Bousselham, Morocco by @orestistrips
  • Urban Exploration, Manchester, United Kingdom by @slobberchops
  • Sculpture, Venice, Italy by @r00sj3

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      Thanks @ybanezkim26 for the mention, and welcome to the @pinmapple team. My wife is from Negros Occidental, I saw you are from a little further south.

      Thank you! Wow! Have you visited the Philippines lately? Where's your wife from Negros Occidental? I miss Bacolod!

      Not since 2004, I find it a dangerous country now and I stick out in those remote villages. Her family is now in Binalbagan, but orginally from Himalayan. Been to Manila, Iloilo, Palawan, Baguio and Tacloban. I liked Puerto Princesa the best, very clean town.

      What? Kim joining the gang? Awesome!! :) Enjoy your new role man. You will be a great addition to the HaveYouBeenHere team :) Oh and thanks for the feature of course, much appreciated!

      Thank you, dude! I can't believe it either. This means I have more work and commitment in Hive. And I'm loving it!

      Congratulations @pinmapple! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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      Thank you thank you :)

      Welcome on board @ybanezkim26!
      As @livinguktaiwan mentioned yesterday, you are just the right one for this job. You were already doing a great job being part of this lovely community.
      Can't wait what the future holds and to read all these amazing daily posts.

      Wish you good luck...

      Thank you @crazy-andy! I hope I can at least keep up with the expectations. 😄

      Woo! Congrats on writing your first post.

      Thank you! I should get used to this real quick. 😂

      Welcome to the team, and congratulations on your first edition of the Travel Digest!

      This is all because of you. Thank you!

      Thank you very much, feels good when your content is appreciated. My legs still pain form the Hike. Keep up the good work guys. ( Off to check out that raffle.🏄 )

      Well deserved recognition. Good job!

      Hi there @ybanezkim26, thanks a lot for the mention :)

      Of course! You deserve it! Keep it up!

      Congratz @ybanezkim26 for being part of the Pinmapple curation team! I can't imagine how elated you are. 😃

      Thanks girl!