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RE: Should I Give Money to a Begging Child When Traveling?

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I traveled lots when I was young and learnt this the hard way. We kept having to give the Mexican police by Cabos San Lucas more and more USD everytime we went to get groceries.

Don't give money to ANYONE not even just a child, the police can be just as big of an issue.

At the point the wanted $50 we told them to fuck right off, but they just laughed at us and walked away knowing we would likely pay tomorrow.


@phusionphil That is a sad story indeed.
You do good one time, then people keep asking for more and more...

It's hard to keep in mind that reality for others, is not the same reality for us right. I feel blessed to have been raised in America, and in a lot of ways that is the standard I hold as normal, so when I see something that is not “Normal”, its makes me want to change it... but my normal, and their normal are different... they could be quite happy and living a good life and don't need me projecting onto then the reality of normal as I see it.

Thank you for sharing your story. :)

I found this video rather fascinating... I believe though you have to dress for success, though taking out loans just to buy clothing seems a bit access... But it's better than drugs, better than violence.