Beauties of Poland: exploring flooded Zakrzowek Quarry

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I am happy to dedicate my today´s post to a place that turned out to be one of the highlights of our recent stay in Krakow.

This beautiful Polish city is known for many architectural jewels, amazing landmarks and a very special historic vibe (you might already know that from some of my previous posts about Krakow) but it actually also boasts some spectacular natural sites such as the Zakrzowek Quarry.


The former limestone quarry got flooded in 1990 and soon after that, it became a very popular summer spot, mostly frequented by the locals.



Unfortunately, several people have drowned in the quarry over the years, which is why it´s now officially forbidden to swim in there but when we were there (on a very hot summer day), we saw a few daring / unruly guys having a great time in the refreshing turquoise water.

I was actually surprised by how clean and turquoise the water in the quarry was. It literally felt like being by the sea.



The quarry is surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs that only intensify the feeling of being in Croatia or somewhere.



The cliffs are popular with rock climbers. We saw a bunch of them while navigating to the quarry among a number of tiny trails and paths that stretch in many directions all around the place.

Apart from swimming and diving, the quarry and its beautiful natural surrounding is also used as a site for summer barbecues, hiking, biking and various outdoor activities.


It´s hard to believe that such a wonderful natural place is actually located just outside of the center of the bustling metropolis. It´s a relatively short and nice walk from the Wawel Castle (that I wrote about in this post two weeks ago) or you can get there easily by a bus or tram.


I hope you enjoyed this post that was dedicated to a beautiful natural getaway in Krakow, the stunning Zakrzowek Quarry. I must say the crystal clear water was very tempting and if I had my swim shorts with me, I would probably dip in there too.

Let me wrap this post up with two little fun facts. First, a variety of bizarre things can be found on the bottom of the quarry, including sunken cars, boats and even a small aircraft. Second, during the World War II when the quarry was still operational, young Karol Wojtyla (later known as Pope John Paul II) was working there for one year between September 1940 and October 1941.

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Thank you so much Andy! ;)

You are welcome, well deserved!

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I wouldn't mind diving in there. Be nice to see whats left down there and what they've sunk there. I've dived a few quarries

There is actually a certified diving school that take people down there. I have no experience with scuba diving but I can imgaine quarries can be fun places for that. We have a very deep flooded gypsum quarry here in my Czech hometown and it´s believed to be a resting place of a plethora of crazy things and objects...

Good day. The scale of the beautiful nature is impressive. Clear water is really visible in the photograph. High quality photos. An interesting and rich post. Thanks you.

Thanks for your nice feedback man, it was my pleasure to "take you" to this place with me :)

Buenos días gracias por ofrecernos bellos paisajes en Cracovia, esa laguna la Cantera Zakrzowek muy bonita.

Siempre es un placer llevarlo a lugares hermosos alrededor del mundo :)

Gracias amigo, feliz día

What a spectacular looking place!!!! And yes, it is rather unusual to see such turquoise water in a quarry - although I am certain it is probably a good sign. !tip

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Thank you so much :) Actually, most of the quarries I have seen so far had very clear water. I think it´s because they are usually very deep and are kind of biotop pools with self-cleaning abilities.

Thanks for your support, much appreciated :)

Oh that is interesting! Very different here in SA.

And it is my pleasure :)

If you are looking to join a great interactive & supportive #HIVE community on discord that not only welcomes ALL content genres but isn't just a massive sea of spammers and plagiarists... then come and join us in the Power House Creatives Server

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You really got to see some beautiful nature in Krakow so nice to see such beauty in different parts of the world love every photo 👍

Thanks man :) I was really excited about this place, a true hidden gem.

I can see why really is a awesome place 👍

Looks like a really nice spot. The water is so blue. It does look very refreshing. Its too bad that people can no longer swim in it.

Unfortunately, people are reckless. Young guys used to dive from the cliffs and some of them fell victims to their recklessness. From what I heard, it was just last year after another 2 deaths that local authorities decided to ban the place...

Yeah, thats usually how it happens - how things get shut down. A couple people ruin it for the rest.


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Thank you so much guys :)

WOW..i want to take a dive in there right now how beautiful 😨