A Fall Walk Along The Metolius

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Metolius River

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We took a drive to the Camp Sherman area near our house for a fall walk along the banks of the Metolius River. Here is a shot from the bridge where we begin our short 1.5 mile round trip walk. We had seen some colors driving up but based on this view from the bridge I wasn't sure if the fall season had really begun here yet. Everything was looking pretty green.


Some Colors Emerge

About 5 minutes in to the walk some of the color I expected to see started to show itself.

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This bank of the river is lined with cabins and this is one of several bridges that allow the residents to access one of the islands.

Even though it's fall, there is still some small wildflowers hanging on near this little stream that feeds into the river.

An old stump near the rivers edge.

A panoramic view from the stump's perspective. 😀

A view looking back at the bridge...

and of course another pano because if you follow me at all you know how I LOVE panoramas. 😃

Nearing the end of the trail and looking across to the campground on the other side.

Some of the many Larch/Tamarack trees with their needles turning yellow before they drop.

A little squirrel coming to visit. He was quite friendly. I think he might be used to people from the cabins feeding him. He had very little fear of us.

A couple of skinny fir trees near one of the cabins along the trail.

A little more of the wild vegetation. Our temperature was in the high teens (F) last night so this was probably the last hurrah for this plant.

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A view up the trail on our way back to the car. Thanks for tagging along! 😃

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Photos taken by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300/Nikon 18-55mm lins and some Lightroom post processing.
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