Cadgwith, quintessentially a very Cornish village in England

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Some years ago we went to Cornwall in UK for a long weekend. Cornwall is at the most south western tip of England. There are only a few main roads into the region, no motorways, or highways as the rest of the world calls them. That makes the area a bit remote from the rest of England, hence retaining a lot of originality and character. And it's exactly this reason, why Cornwall is such a popular holiday destination for many Brits.
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My first stop at Cornwall is a little fishing village called Cadgwith. Thatched cottages are very popular in this part of the world, you'll find many of them dotted around the village, making it quintessentially very Cornish. The village itself isn't very big and the roads were quite narrow, some parts were quite challenging especially if you're driving a large vehicle and there's oncoming traffic.


I booked ourselves into a B&B, if anyone still remembers what these are. Most people tend to book Airbnb nowadays as you get the entire apartment to yourself, I do as well when I go on city break. But for village breaks, particularly these charming places, I still prefer B&B as it allows me to interact with the locals and find out a bit more about the place.

This is the B&B I was staying at. I didn't realise it was a traditional thatched cottage when I booked it, not that it made any difference as I wasn't going to be sleeping on the roof! It's the experience of staying in a traditional thatched cottage that makes things special.


Cadgwith village is perched slightly higher up the hill and this little road leads down to the Cadgwith Cove. It was a short walk from our B&B. The cove is a shingle beach used by the local fishing community. The fishermen used to fish pilchards decades ago, nowadays it's more crabs, lobsters (yum!!) and monkfish.

It was the end of March, not the best time to go anywhere for holiday in England due to the unstable weather. This is a still image taken from a crappy video I took that day. Although the quality is poor, I wanted to show you two things. First, the force of the waves swelling up the cove, this is the type of weather conditions the local fishermen are up against at times. The other thing I want to show you are the three old buildings on the beach. They are the core and integral to the fishing community at Cadgwith.


Earlier this year, those buildings were in danger of being redeveloped which would pretty much bring an end to the livelihood for many fishermen. Luckily the local authorities and donors chipped in to raise enough funds to purchase these buildings, thus saving the local community from redevelopment (source). I think that's such a touching story, and a great example of how a community can come together to preserve an important part of society.


This is a great viewpoint of Cadgwith and its two beaches. The raised mass of land in the middle of the sea is called the Todden. It's about nine meters high and splits Cadgwith Cove on its left from Little Cove or Little Beach on it's right. Cadgwith Cove is used by the fishermen, whilst Little Beach is used by tourist and locals for swimming. Not on this day though!!!

Let's head over to the Todden for a walk.

This is pretty much as close to the sea as I can get when standing on the Todden. And this is where I took my crappy video of Cadgwith Cove. I don't know why I didn't take photos of Cadgwith Cove from here. The village and the coves would have looked so pretty even during these dull days. The sea ahead looks rough but okish from here, but boy, don't let it fool you! It was really windy when I was here. I'll show you in a minute. The fact it was late afternoon didn't help either.

These two rocks are call The Island and The Mare. During low tide, you can walk from one beach to another over The Island, but during bad weather, and I mean really stormy weather, you can't even see The Island.

A bit like this, but I imagine even worse!

And if you want to see how windy it gets here, how about this?

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Cadgwith is a great example of a typical fishing village in Cornwall. Cornwall itself is a very unique region in England, almost a bit isolated from the rest of the country. And its these traditional little villages dotted around the coast that makes the region even more unique. A lof of these villages rely on tourism, but on the other hand they want, and need to preserve its authenticity and charm. Tricky situation, but luckily Cadgwith solved it by preserving an important part of the village.

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That’s the sort of place I would love to visit.

Definitely worth if you are ever in UK. Thanks for dropping by


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What a lovely place! I'm sure it's even more beautiful in the summer. These kinds of places are always a pleasant surprise and a real refreshment. :)

On the rare occasions we get nice weather in England, it can be really nice I think, I have yet to be there during summer. But I think seaside are always very nice in summer


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What a community spirit!

I love going to Cornwall, once I discovered it, I keep coming back - it is an addiction 😂 But it never been this windy though! Looked like you were about to take off in that shot 😀

I can see why you want to go back all the time, so would I!! It's a long trek though. I think that time it took us about four to five hours from Surrey, but we took our time and drove slowly


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Cornwall looks like a beautiful place, I have family who lived there, my uncle Gerald Edmunds. He passed on last year, my aunt still lives there. Love to visit there one day.thanks for sharing.

It would be a lovely place to visit if you ever come over to England @artywink. I'm sure your aunt would be so pleased to see you. You can easily spend a few weeks here.

Thanks for dropping by here first!!


It's a pleasure @livinguktaiwan , who knows what the future holds. Have a great day.

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Thank you @misterengagement much appreciated. Have a great day.

Reminds me of the times we have strong South wind here by the sea. Also reminded me a phrase from a Londoner police biker who rented my place years ago: "In the UK, you get wet and that's it - you never dry". These pictures feel so wet despite the wind :)

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Yes, he pretty much sums up the whole of UK 😄 we don't have the best weather, but we love talking about the weather, it always comes up in small chat. March is always a bit dull, that's why these photos aren't exactly the best quality


ohh so cool i was in cornwall too many years with my family :) always wanted to do a post about it but still need to find the photos out from somewhere haha
your photos remind me so much of the rough coast and the strong waves... especially the stone houses have stayed in my mind.... great post!

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Thanks. It would be lovely to see where you went. I'd love to go back again, didn't spend enough time there


I've never heard of Conwall before. Looks like a cool place to visit. I usually like small towns more than large cities. They have so much character and charm. I'm a big fan of thatched roofs as well and fresh fish!

I love pretty much all seafood, but as an island nation I think we don't appreciate it that much. We tend to export a lot of what we catch, which is a pity. Dunno why we're arguing with you guys across the channel at the moment. And I can see you like small towns, the ones you've been taking us around are just so quaint.


That always seems to be the case with food production - countries always export most and their best product to other countries. I think companies make more money that way? Its like that in Canada also, we grow good produce in Ontario and ship it to the US and then we buy the same veggies from California and Mexico and everything tastes like crap. Nothing has any flavor because everything is picked early and "ripened" on a truck. They (US & Mexico) probably think the same thing as well that our products are crap because they are also picked early so they don't go bad on the journey to those places. It makes no sense. Its something that France does right, grocery stores have to sell products grown in France unless they are unable to buy them from local farmers. Everything tastes amazing because its fresh and properly ripened before its pocked and transported. I wish North America did that.

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thank you for the story and this information
never heard before about this village and a culture

This is one of the many fishing villages in the area, I'm sure if you ever have a chance to visit, it will be a lot be beautiful under your lenses!!

sure more interesting than to do shopping in London :-)
i hope that we will go out from the complicated situation we are existing right now and will flight for free soon. right now all the directions closed.

Cornwall is special and as you say very different from the rest of the UK.The cornish have their own flag and consider themselves different also. I did my Divemaster course down in Falmouth back in 96, loved the place.

I guess it will take you a while to get down to Cornwall in your narrowboat? In fact, does the canal network extend to that part of the world?

Nope. Doesn't get that far. Bristol is about as far as it goes.

Ace! Well done on the community pulling together to buy the fishing buildings.

I didn't realise it was a traditional thatched cottage when I booked it, not that it made any difference as I wasn't going to be sleeping on the roof!

(That made me chuckle)

We have family living in Cornwall. Our family plan pre-lockdown was to drive down from Yorkshire to visit but I think it might still be a while. Maybe train is the best option!

Interesting post. They always say explore your back garden before the rest of the world and I guess this is a case in point!

Wouldn't it would be safer driving down from Yorkshire instead of getting the train given Covid? It's a bit of a drive though...

And with Covid, I think it really is the best time to explore our own back garden. Last summer I did a few local trips which turned out really nice, never thought of going before despite living there most of my life. And it's also a great way to help boost the local economy, I'm hoping to be able to get out again this summer.

Drive could work. We have two young kids though, so I’m up for the idea that is the least stress/faff for the journey.
Seems to me that a train offers way more freedoms and space to move, sleep and toilet breaks!

As beauty as the conrnish coast is, you last photo really sums it up... As do the other photos. Rainy, dreary, grey and windy haha its a shame the UK doesn't have longer spells of sunny blue sky weather.

It's been a long time since I've been to Cornwall but although I've never been to Cadgwith, it looks so familiar.

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